The Rise and Fall of Charles de Mallery by KAREN L. BOWEN and DIRK IMHOF 3

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Do What Mr Whistler Wants: How His Prints Should Be Framed, Part I: 1859–83 by KENNETH JOHN MYERS 52


Engineering Late Sixteenth-Century Rome by MARK MCDONALD 68

Christophe Plantin (c. 1520–89) and his Press by CAROLINE DUROSELLE-MELISH 70

Representing from Life in Seventeenth-Century Italy by MARK MCDONALD 73

Grotesque Heads in the Mariano Moret Collection by MARK MCDONALD 75

The Altzenbachs of Cologne: Seventeenth-Century Publishers of Popular Prints by ANTONY GRIFFITHS 76

Ceán Bermúdez’s Discurso by MARK MCDONALD 79

The World’s First Economic Bubble by DIANA GREENWALD 80

Illustrated Travels in Scotland by ANN V. GUNN 81

Food and Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain by MARCIA REED 84

The Wood-Engravings and Woodblocks of Thomas Bewick by NIGEL TATTERSFIELD 86

Ignacy Łopieński (1865–1941) and the Printmaking Revival in Poland by CELINA FOX 88

Graphic Art from Vilnius by WALDEMAR DELUGA 89

Publications Received 91

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Pietro Aretino (1492–1556) by MATTHIAS WIVEL 95

Goya’s Graphic Imagination by JANIS A. TOMLINSON 102

Prints and Poetry by Munio Makuuchi by JAMIE GABBARELLI 108

Jim Dine by PAUL COLDWELL 112


The Tree of the World: Llullian Thought in Franciscan Padua by ANNA WELCH   131

The Publication of Caricatures in France in 1814 and 1815

Part II: The Smaller Participants and Newcomers by ANTONY GRIFFITHS   141

Do What Mr Whistler Wants: How His Prints Should Be Framed

Part II: 1883–1904 by KENNETH JOHN MYERS   162


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Pots, Prints and Politics: Ceramics with an Agenda, from the 14th to the 20th Century by MICHAEL SNODIN   185

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Johann Georg Edlinger by HANS JAKOB MEIER   194

John Dean (1801–30) – Engraver in Cheshire by DOMINIKA CORA   195

British Museum Collection Online Completed.   197

The ‘Twentieth Century on Paper’ in Milan’s Civic Collections by GIORGIO MARINI   197

Art Déco from Paris by RAINALD FRANZ   200

The Young Rhineland on the Occasion of its hundredth anniversary by ROBIN REISENFELD   203

Collecting Käthe Kollwitz (1867–1945) in North America by FRANCES CAREY   207

German Art 1900–26 at the Hunterian, University of Glasgow (The German Revolution: Expressionist Prints) by FRANCES CAREY   210

Kiki Smith, Lausanne (Kiki Smith, Hearing You with My Eyes) by PAUL COLDWELL   211

Mick Moon (b. 1937) by EMMA HILL   214

Obituary for Mel Gooding (1941–2021) by EMMA HILL   214

Correction   215

Publications Received   216

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Multiplied and Modified in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries by PETRA KAYSER   217

Dürer’s Journeys by BERNARD AIKEMA   221

Dutch and Flemish Flower Pieces by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN   226

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What is an Original Print? The Evolution of a Definition by DEBORA WOOD   274

Shorter Notices

Portraits of Baldassare Peruzzi: Prints before Drawings by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER   286

Sébastien Leclerc’s Preparatory Drawing for the View of the Hall of Mirrors (1684):

A Reassessment by ANTOINE GALLAY   293


Early Northern Prints in the Uffizi by ARMIN KUNZ   299

Federico Barocci’s Annunciation to the Virgin by MARZIA FAIETTI   301

Women Artists in Early Modern Bologna by IRENE GRAZIANI   303

Battle Engravings for the Emperors of China by JEAN MICHEL MASSING   305

Thomas Gainsborough in London by ANNE LYLES   307

Utamaro and the Spectacle of Beauty by ADAM HALIBURTON   308

The Waterloo Map of Pierre-Jacques Goetghebuer by INGE MISSCHAERT   311

The Reception of Raphael (Raffael: Wirkung eines Genies) by F. CARLO SCHMID   315

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Belgian and Netherlandish Printmaking in Early Twentieth-Century Italy by MARTIN HOPKINSON   322

Mary Cassatt in the Lunder Collection (Inside Out: The Prints of Mary Cassatt) by NIGEL IP   325

Private Lives in the Art of the Nabis by BELINDA THOMSON   327

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German World War I Print Cycles (Mich schaudert dieses Krieges: Die graphischen Zyklen zum Ersten Weltkrieg) by JÜRGEN DÖRING   333

Collecting Prints, Posters and Ephemera by NAOKO TAKAHATAKE   338

Galleria del Cavallino by MARTIN HOPKINSON   339

Ponirin Amin’s On Your Lonely Stage and Printmaking in Malaysia by SAFRIZAL SHAHIR   341

Obituary for Pat Gilmour (1931–2021) by STEPHEN COPPEL   343

Obituary for Hubert Prouté (1922–2022) by ALAN N. STONE   345

Correction and Addendum   346

Publications Received   346

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Albrecht Altdorfer Innovation (Albrecht Altdorfer: Maître de la Renaissance allemande) by SUZANNE KARR SCHMIDT   347

The De Jode Dynasty by JEROEN LUYCKX   350

You Can Be Sure of Shell (Shell Art & Advertising) by TERI J. EDELSTEIN   357

Sol LeWitt (Strict Beauty: Sol LeWitt Prints) by ANDREW BICK   359


The Sadelers: From Printmakers to Booksellers by KAREN L. BOWEN   379

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The True Identity of Heinrich Aldegrever’s Judith and her Origins by ANDREW S. WINSTON   438

Parmigianino’s ‘Almost Unique’ Judith by BERNARD BARRYTE   440

Georgette de Montenay’s Emblemes, ou Devises Chrestiennes (Un ‘miroir’ calviniste: ‘Les Emblemes, ou Devises chrestiennes’ de Georgette de Montenay et Pierre Woeiriot, 1567/1571) by ALICJA BIELAK   441

Piranesi and Spain (Giovanni Battista Piranesi en la Biblioteca Nacional de España) by GIORGIO MARINI   444

The Print Collection of Horace His de La Salle (1795–1878) by LAURENCE LHINARES   446

Tate Collection: Three Hundred Years of Printmaking (The Art of Print) by PAUL COLDWELL   450

Celebrating Budapest’s Drawings and Prints (The Paper Side of Art) by RACHEL SLOAN   451

Contemporary Print Series (Serien: Druckgraphik von Warhol bis Wool / Series: Prints from Warhol to Wool) by JUDITH BRODIE   452

Publications Received   455

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Sculpture in Print, 1480–1600 by JORIS VAN GASTEL   456

Agostino Carracci and Hendrick Goltzius (Crossing Parallels) by MARZIA FAIETTI   461

Aquatint: From Its Origins to Goya by ANNE LEONARD   466

Expressionism and Poster Design in Germany by CHRISTIAN WEIKOP   471

Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror by JOHN A. TYSON   475

Australian Artists, 1942–2020 (Printed Images by Australian Artists 1942–2020) by IRENA ZDANOWICZ   481