Print Quarterly turns 35 by david landau 3
A Cosmopolitan Engraver in London: Francesco Bartolozzi’s Studio 1763–1802 by david alexander 6
Cy Twombly’s Cardboard Prints: Impressions, Inversions and Decomposition by john a. tyson 27

Shorter Notices
The True Identity of Antonio De Rossi of Gallarate by valeria pagani 39
Ottavio Leoni’s Portraits of Paolo Giordano II by stephen a. bergquist 43
A New State of Philips Galle’s Head of a Reveller by jeroen luyckx 47
The Graphic Source for Rajput Images of Fools by daan van heesch 50

The Saint between Manuscript and Print in Italy by kathryn m. rudy 54
Hendrick Goltzius’s Enterprise by marjolein leesberg 56
The De Bry and the East by jean michel massing 59
Jan Lievens: Friend and Rival of the Young Rembrandt by martin royalton-kisch 60
Gardens and Chinese Woodblock Prints by ellis tinios 63
Eighteenth-Century Reproductive Prints by david pullins 65
The Royal Game of the Goose by naomi lebens 66
William Woollet’s Ring by brendan cassidy 70
A Third Gender in Japan by ellis tinios 72
The Breckman Collection by martin hopkinson 74
Goya in the Norton Simon Museum by jesusa vega 75
Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Devotional Prints From Spain by mark mcdonald 77
Rhinoceros and Megatherium by jean michel massing 78
Horace Vernet and Litography by tanya szrajber 80
Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg by david bindman 82
Baudelaire and the Print by stephen bann 83
Rodolphe Bresdin by chris michaelides 85
Public Print Sales in Third Republic Paris by britany salsbury 87
Recent Publications on Mexican Prints in the US by mark mcdonald 88
Robert Rauschenberg Travelling Exhibition and his Illustrations to Dante’s Inferno by catherine daunt 91

Catalogue and Book Reviews
The Print Before Photography by stephen bann 94
Anton Maria Zanetti the Elder and His Time by bożena anna kowalczyk 98
Noir: Infinite Shades of Black in Nineteenth-Century Art by fleur roos rosa de carvalho 102
The Imaginative French Book in the Twenty-First Century by jean khalfa 107




The Frankfurt Messrelationen, 1591 to 1595 by joachim jacoby 131
Drawings for the Spanish Robinson Crusoe by José Juan Camarón and Rafael Ximeno by benito navarrete prieto and alejandro martínez pérez 160
The Royal Collection of Satirical Prints in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by kate heard 173

Shorter Notice
A Newly Identified Woodcut by Amico Aspertini by silvia urbini 183

Jacopo de’ Barbari (c. 1450–1516) by gert van der sman 189
Freiburg’s Baldung Grien Woodcuts by freyda spira 192
Triumphal Entry of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella into Antwerp by femke speelberg 194
Hollar’s Frontispiece to Sprat’s The History of the Royal Society by simon turner 196
Prints of London from the Gough Collection by celina fox 198
The Prints of Paul Sandby (1731–1809) by susan sloman 200
Images of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome (Am Fuße der Pyramide: 300 Jahre Friedhof für Ausländer in Rom) by flavia pesci 203
The Art Gallery of New South Wales by mark mcdonald 204
Mediterranean Encounters by charles newton 206
Nordic Japanomania by annika gunnarsson 209
Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva (1871–1955) and Prints in Russia by galina mardilovich 210
Art Nouveau in Italy (Liberty in Italia: Artisti alla ricerca del moderno) by martin hopkinson 213
The Art of Emma Bormann (1887–1974) by julie mellby 215
Under the Spell of Hercules Segers: Rembrandt and the Moderns (Hercules Segers ‒ Painter-Etcher) by jan piet filedt kok 217
Publications Received 220

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Andrea Meldolla called Schiavone by michael bury 224
Hercules Segers and his Printed Paintings by an van camp 230
Nineteenth-Century French and English Print Culture (Another World: Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Print Culture) by celina fox 234
Alberto Giacometti, Draughtsman-Engraver (Catalogue raisonné des estampes) by christian klemm 237
Louise Bourgeois (An Unfolding Portrait. Prints, Books and the Creative Process) by paul coldwell 241




Drawings Imitating Prints: Pierre van Schuppen by simon turner 259
Impressions of a Print Dealer: Harold Wright and the Etching Boom by david maskill 270
The Missing First States of Otto Dix’s Circus Series by natalia keller 280

Shorter Notice
Colour Linocuts Published by the Forest Press by patrick frazer 294

Renaissance Ethnography and Maps (Surekha Davies, Renaissance Ethnography and the Invention of the Human) by catherine copp 303
Beham’s Crucifixion Woodcut Rediscovered by ayumi yasui 304
Prints in Translation by jean michel massing 305
Images of War and Revolt (Images & Révoltes dans le livre et l’estampe) by john roger paas 308
Fashion in Early Modern Italy (Eugenia Paulicelli, Writing Fashion in Early Modern Italy) by oliver jones 310
Emblems in Colonial Ibero-America by julia mchugh 311
Prints from Leiden University (For Study and Delight: Drawings and Prints from Leiden University) by thomas döring 313
Van Dyck, Rembrandt and the Portrait Print by stephanie s. dickey 315
Bouchardon: Royal Artist of the Enlightenment by rena m. hoisington 318
Prints after Works of Angelica Kauffman (Anmut und Aufklärung: Eine Sammlung von Druckgraphik nach Werken von Angelika Kauffman) by wendy wassyng roworth 321
Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave by monika hinkel 323
Sculpture and Printmaking in Early Twentieth-Century Italy (Scultori & Incisione 1900–1940) by giorgio marini 325
Charles Tunnicliffe by martin hopkinson 327
Multiplicity of Modern Japanese Masters (Seven Masters: 20th-Century Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Wells Collection and Waves of Renewal: Modern Japanese Prints 1900 to 1960: Selections from the Nihon no Hanga collection) by louise boyd 329
Communist Posters (edited by Mary Ginsberg, London, 2017) by david kunzle 332
The Haab Collection of Mexican Prints (Mexican Graphic Art by Milena Oehy) by lyle williams 334
Frank Stella (Richard Axom and Leah Kolb, Frank Stella Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné) by paul coldwell 337
American Prints 1960–90 (The Great Graphic Boom: Amerikansk grafikk 1960–1990) by paul coldwell 338

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Marcantonio’s Moment by james grantham turner 340
Gotha’s Collection of Single-Leaf Woodcuts by christof metzger 345
Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder by marisa anne bass 349
Extra-Illustration in Britain, 1769–1840 by stephen clarke 353
American Printmaking from the 1920s to Today by rhoda eitel-porter 356




The Madonna del Sangue: A Miraculous Print in Bagno di Romagna by lorenzo gigante 379
Jonathan Richardson (1667–1745) as Etcher by bryony bartlett-rawlings 392
What a Boom, What a Blast: Kazimir Malevich’s War Propaganda by marie gasper-hulvat 407

Shorter Notice
Gardeners’ Trade Cards by William Kilburn and François Vivares by martin hopkinson 420

The Textual Source for Philips Galle’s Head of a Reveller by suzanne kooloos and jeroen luyckx 426
The Theory of the Early European Emblem by salvador bas folch 427
The Schulthess-Von Meiss Collection in Zurich by christian rümelin 428
French Prints in the Age of Louis XIV by jean-gérald castex 430
Johannes Teyler and Dutch Colour Prints by an van camp 432
Popular Prints in the Netherlands 1650–1950 by ger luijten 434
The Basire Family of Copperplate Engravers (c. 1704–c. 1883) by anthony dyson 437
Henri Marie Petiet (1894–1980) by martin hopkinson 439
Franz Maria Ferchl by christian rümelin 442
Martha Cunz by christian rümelin 444
Campbell Dodgson’s Box File by genevieve verdigel 446
Futurist Prints by martin hopkinson 448
The Carved Line: Block Printmaking in New Mexico by lyle williams 451
Picasso by paul coldwell 452
Albert Flocon and Bachelard by martin hopkinson 454
Jannis Kounellis (1936–2017) by stephen bann 455
The Expanded Field by paul coldwell 456
Paris Celebrates Barceló by andrew dempsey 456
Publications Received 459

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Dürer’s Epistolary Mode by peter parshall 461
Malvasia’s Lives of the Bolognese Painters by marzia faietti 465
The Art of Philosophy by patricia emison 471
Fashion Plates by sarah grant 474
Charles and George Hunt by antony griffiths 478