The Origin of the Iconography of Cannibalism in the Early Modern Period by jean michel massing 3
Bartolomeo Manfredi’s St John the Baptist and its Mezzotint by john gash 11
Revisiting Richard Hamilton’s Typo/Topography of Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass by paul laidler 18

Shorter Notices

Prints at the Allied Artists’ Association, 1907–21 by martin hopkinson 26
Yoshijiro Urushibara and Frank Brangwyn: A Question of Size by hilary chapman 31

Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia by peter parshall 37
Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Prints in Hamburg Collections by thomas ketelsen 38
L’Art et Le Modèle in Renaissance Lorraine by henri zerner 40
The Digitization of Prints in The Royal Collection, Windsor by emma gagnon 42
An Overlooked Print after Alonso Cano by mark mcdonald 45
Architectural Models in the Early Modern Period, Primarily in Italy by aloisio antinori 46
Print Pedlars and Mapmaking in Eighteenth-Century Augsburg by antony griffiths 48
The Backstory of Wallpaper: Paper-Hangings 1650–1750 by emile de bruijn 50
Francesco Sicuro’s Views of Messina, 1767–70 by barbara jatta 51
Printing the News, c.1400–1800 by michael harris 52
The First Smithsonian Collection: The European Engravings of George Perkins Marsh by marjorie b. cohn 53
Nineteenth-Century Kabuki Woodblock Prints in Geneva by rosina buckland 54
Whistler’s Depictions of London and Whistler Online by jeremy wikeley 57
A Whistler Festschrift by martin hopkinson 60
Prints at the Society of British Artists, 1887 by martin hopkinson 60
Twentieth-Century Artists from North West Italy in Florence by martin hopkinson 64
Brangwyn at War! by peter harrington 69
C.R.W. Nevinson: Complete Prints by gordon cooke 72
Modern Japanese Prints – Shin Hanga by ellis tinios 74
Fortunato Depero Rediscovered by christopher adams 76
Safiuddin Ahmed of Bangladesh by genevieve verdigel 78
Barry Cleavin by rosie howell 80
Martin Müller-Reinhart’s Sanctified Spaces michaël la chance 82
Impact 7 Conference Papers by christian rümelin 87
Impact 8. Borders and Crossing by paul coldwell 87
Obituary jocelyne bancel 89
Publications Received 89

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Cuckoldry in Early Modern Prints by james grantham turner 92
Paul Gauguin by elizabeth prelinger 96
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Critical Art History by james a. van dyke 100
Richard Tuttle by jan howard


Aernout van Buchel’s Description of Italy, 1587–88 by jan l. de jong 123
The Role of Prints in the Artistic Genealogy of Bernini’s Anima beata and Anima damnata by eckhard leuschner 135
Dezallier d’Argenville’s Recueils of Costume Prints Rediscovered by david pullins 147

Shorter Notices

Frans Hogenberg’s Views of the Wars in the Low Countries by karen l. bowen 156
Promoting Original Prints: The Role of Gualtieri di San Lazzaro and XXe Siècle by valerie holman 159
Jeffery Edwards and the Interruption of Nothingness by michael healey 167


George Pencz by andrew morrall 172
Monumental Prints in the Age of Dürer and Titian by christian rümelin 173
Erasmus Hornick by peter fuhring 176
Chen Hongshou and Chinese Woodcuts by jean michel massing 179
English Gardening by todd longstaffe-gowan 181
James Northcote’s Collages by jacob simon 183
John Martin’s Mezzotints by edith brown 185
Utagawa Kunisada by ellis tinios 187
Gustave Doré’s Illustrations by chris michaelides 189
Italian Expressionism by martin hopkinson 191
World War I Propaganda by elizabeth prelinger 193
American Sheet Music from World War I by david kunzle 195
Otto Mueller by tanja pirsig-marshall 198
Leon Underwood: Figure and Rhythm by peyton skipwith
Dorrit Black: Unseen Forces by gordon cooke 202
Great Bardfield by martin hopkinson 203
Giacometti: Without End by paul coldwell 204
Ingrid and Willi Kemp Collection by andreas strobl 206
Gerhard Richter Editions 1965–2013 by john-paul stonard 208
René Derouin by marie claude mirandette 210
Printmaking in Australia, Canada and South Africa by francé davies and jean michel massing 210
Corrections 214
Obituary for Robin Garton 214
Obituary for Helmut Hans Rumbler 215
Publications Received 215

Catalogue and Book Reviews

The Dark Side of Tiepolo by giorgio marini 217
Etching in Eighteenth-Century France by marie claude mirandette 221
The Georgians: The Personal Union by cynthia roman 225
Artistic Collaboration and the Ukiyo-e Market by miriam wattles 229
Luigi Malaspina di Sannazzaro’s Correspondence by antony griffiths 232
Terry Winters by nancy princenthal 233



Philippe Thomassin’s Engraved Plates after 1602 by valeria pagani 251
‘Mr Studio’s’ Hand-Coloured Prints at Stourhead by dudley dodd 263

 Shorter Notices

Queen Henrietta Maria and King Charles I on Horseback by simon turner 278
James Walker’s Stocklist and Prospectus for the Portrait of Catherine the Great by peter fuhring 286


Jacques de Gheyn II and Vesalius by dániel margócsy, márk somos and stephen joffe 293
Petrus Paaw’s Sources by dániel margócsy, márk somos and stephen joffe 295
The Image of the Enemy by claudia swan 295
The Migration of Early Modern Architectural Prints by elizabeth m. merrill 297
Castiglione: Lost Genius by anita v. sganzerla 300
Rembrandt Prints in San Diego by robert fucci 302
Giuseppe Maria Crespi by sarah vowles 304
The Transmission of Roman Architecture in the Eighteenth Century by mario bevilacqua 305
George Morland by timothy clayton 308

Aesthetic Strategies of the Floating World by ellis tinios 310
Caroline Watson by timothy clayton 311
Goya by mercedes cerón 313

Johan Dejager’s Equestrian Books by simon turner 315
Two Exhibition Catalogues on Hokusai by ellis tinios 317
The Uffizi Collection by adrian lyttelton 319
Georges Rouault by valerie holman 320
Frottages and Rubbings Since 1860 by paul coldwell 323
Stanley Anderson by martin hopkinson 325
Small Victories by gordon cooke 327
Leonor Fini Reproductions by william cole 328
Pablo Palazuelo by william cole 330
Wifredo Lam by william cole 331
Per Kirkeby by michael healey 332
Philip Guston by paul coldwell 335
Contemporary Prints from Africa and the Diaspora by judy hecker 337
Hercules Segers and Werner Herzog by jan piet filedt kok 340
Obituary of Alberto Milano by patrizia foglia 341
Publications Received 343

 Catalogue and Book Reviews

Pieter Bruegel the Elder by peter parshall 345
Visual Propaganda of the Spanish Civil War by mark mcdonald 349
Corita Kent by roni feinstein 354



A Dating for Domenico Bonaveri’s Notomie di Titiano by monique kornell 379
Exploring the Thysiana Scrapbook by daphne e. wouts 391
A Rediscovered Drawing by Jean Boulanger (c.1608–c.1680) by angelamaria aceto 406
Belgian Prints in Britain during World War I by martin hopkinson 415
Signs of Silence: Jasper Johns’s Fragment of a Letter by judith goldman 427

Karl Giehlow (1863–1913), Albrecht Dürer and Hieroglyphs by jean michel massing 439
The Dark Side of the Renaissance by madeleine viljoen 440
Imagery from Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando furioso (Venice, 1542) by michael bury 442
Royal-Size Bible Prints by peter van der coelen 443
Image of the Black by saskia rubin 446
Constellatio Felix in 1719 by madeleine brook 450
The Arthur Ross Collection by antony griffiths 452
Prints and Propaganda in the Age of Napoleon by philippe bordes 453
The Caldana Collection of Maps and Views of Rome by david marshall 455
A History of the National Art Library through its Collection by edith brown 456
Paper Peepshows by alberto milano 457
Shunga in Honolulu by ellis tinios 459
Mortimer Menpes (1855–1938) by anna gruetzner robins 461
John Gadsby Chapman (1808–89) by joy sperling 464
Jan Altink (1885–1971) by martin hopkinson 466
Crown Point Press by christian rümelin 467
Bruce Onobrakpeya (b. 1932) by jean michel massing 469
Mimmo Paladino (b. 1948) by giorgio bacci 472
Thomas Kaminsky, Lenin and the Black Square by heidrun rosenberg 474
Publications Received 478

Catalogue and Book Reviews

The Demand for Maps in Italy by michael bury 479
Posters’ Global History by margaret timmers 482