A Frontispiece for Galileo’s Opere: Pietro Anichini and Stefano della Bella by JACO RUTGERS    3
Engravings by Jacques Fornazeris with the Arms of René Gros by HENRIETTE POMMIER    13
Représentant d’une grande nation: The Politics of an Anglo-French Aquatint by AMANDA LAHIKAINEN    22

Shorter Notices
Some Early States by Martino Rota by STEPHEN A. BERGQUIST    33
Prints by Gabriel Huquier after Oppenord’s Decorated Ripa by JEAN-FRANCOIS BÉDARD    37

Dürer’s Tiled Stove by CAROLINE MANGANARO    44
German Little Masters by STEPHEN GODDARD    44
Wierix’s Print of Johannes Celosse by LEEN KELCHTERMANS    45
Seventeenth-Century French Printmaking by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    46
Rebus by MAXIME PRÉAUD    46
Plays of Light and Blazes of Colours by L. ELIZABETH UPPER    48
Watteau and the Recueil Jullienne by RENA M. HOISINGTON    49
Patrick McMorland by MARTIN HOPKINSON    52
Christ’s Hospital by MARTIN HOPKINSON    53
Musical Prints by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    54
Shunga by ELLIS TINIOS    54
New Documents on John Lewis Marks by VALERIE FAIRBRASS    55
Sir John Gilbert by MARTIN HOPKINSON    56
The Pre-Raphaelites by PAUL GOLDMAN    57
Art and the Early Photographic Album by MARJORIE B. COHN    60
The Eragny Press by ALICE BECKWITH    61
Ker-Xavier Roussel by MARTIN HOPKINSON    62
Bourdelle’s Illustrated Books by MARTIN HOPKINSON    63
Max Slevogt by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    64
The Seven Deadly Sins by CHRISTOPHER P. HEUER    65
Nekes Collection of Caricatures by RALPH HYDE    66
Blue Rider by FRANK WHITFORD    66
Matisse by KATHRYN BROWN    66
The Pieraccini Collection of Italian Prints by MARTIN HOPKINSON    69
Robert Tavener by MARTIN HOPKINSON    69
Sewell Sillman by MARTIN HOPKINSON    69
Alan Green by MARTIN HOPKINSON    71
Sigfrido Bartolini by MARTIN HOPKINSON    74
Sigmar Polke: Rasterfahndung by RHODA EITEL-PORTER    74
David Lynch Lithos by ALEXANDER ADAMS    76
New Issues by William Kentridge by WILLIAM COLE    77
South African Prints by WILLIAM COLE    78
Julian Opie by PAUL COLDWELL    81
Christiane Baumgartner by PAUL COLDWELL    82
Philagrafika: The Graphic Unconscious by PAUL COLDWELL    83
Frederick Mulder Made CBE    84
Corrections and Clarifications    85

Catalogue and Book Reviews
The Imagery of Proverbs by PETER VAN DER COELEN    85
Polish Collectors of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by WALDEMAR DELUGA    88
Samuel Palmer Revisited by ELIZABETH E. BARKER    92
Jules Chéret by HOWARD COUTTS    95
Modern British Posters by MARTIN HOPKINSON    97
War Posters, Sustainable Posters and Street Art by PAUL GOUGH    100
Joan Snyder by BILL NORTH    103
Elizabeth Peyton by WENDY WEITMAN    106
William Kentridge by PAUL COLDWELL    110
Contemporary Printed Art in Switzerland by ANTONIA NESSI    112



Titian’s St. Roch by MATTHIAS WIVEL    131
Sous les yeux de Fragonard: The Prints of Marguerite Gérard by PERRIN STEIN AND RENA HOISINGTON    142

Shorter Notices
Lombard Nielli at the British Museum by LAURA ALDOVINI    163
Vansittart’s Print Collection and Two Unrecorded Prints by Albert Flamen by ELENOR LING    168
Prince Rupert and Matthäus Merian the Younger by SUSANNE MEURER    173
Sandby, Greville and Burdett, and the ‘Secret’ of Aquatint by ANN V. GUNN    178
Charles Meryon and the Genesis of the Bain-Froid Chevrier Etching by JACOBUS VAN BREDA    181

Late Michelangelo by MICHAEL BURY    188
Zoological Broadsides by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    189
Hondius Website by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN    191
Rousselet and Bosse by ANTHONY GRIFFITHS    192
Clement De Jonghe by NADINE M. OREINSTEIN    193
The Flemish and Dutch in England by SUSAN FOISTER    193
Francis Barlow by SIMON TURNER    194
Bautzen Catalogue by ANNA SCHULTZ    196
Hogarth by SHEILA O’CONNELL    197
South European and Latin American Baroque Art by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    199
Giuseppe Vasi by RALPH HYDE    200
Paul Revere by CELINA FOX    201
Pleasure Gardens of London by RALPH HYDE    202
History of the German People in Fifteen Pictures by GIULIA BARTRUM    202
Maximilien Luce by MARTIN HOPKINSON    204
The Art of Bookplates by PETER CORMACK    205
Robert Antral by MARTIN HOPKINSON    206
Charles Lapicque by MARTIN HOPKINSON    208
School Maps by FERJAN ORMELING    209
Japanese Woodblock Prints and Their Publishers by ELLIS TINIOS    209
Vorticism by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    210
Russian Artists’ Contributions to French Books by LARISSA SALMINA HASKELL    212
Marc Ronet by MARTIN HOPKINSON    212
David Blackwood by MARTIN HOPKINSON    214
Contemporary Trends in Woodcut by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    216
Gerhard Richter Fakes by RHODA EITEL-PORTER    217
Vija Celmins by SAMANTHA RIPPNER    218
Nik Hausmann by ANITA HALDEMANN    219
Impact 7 Conference by SASHA GRISHIN    220
The International Print Biennale by GILL SAUNDERS    221
Furio de Denaro by DAVID LANDAU    224

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Erotic Renaissance Images by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER    225
Hans Vredeman de Vries by MANFRED SELLINK    227
German Romantic Prints and Drawings by F. CARLO SCHMID    229
German Expressionism by JAMES A. VAN DYKE    233
Soviet TASS Posters by DAVID KUNZLE    237
Printmaking in Southern California by RONI FEINSTEIN    241



The Studio Inventory of Camillo Graffico, Engraver and Fountaineer by EVELYN LINCOLN    259
The Print That Never Was: Thomas Wright’s Unpublished Edinburgh Almanack for 1733 by EILEEN HARRIS    280
Achille Devéria and French Illustration in the Romantic Period by STEPHEN BANN    288

Shorter Notice
Diana Mantovana’s Virgin and Child with St John the Baptist by GIULIO GIRONDI    297

The Woodcut in Fifteenth-Century Europe by CHRISTIANE ANDERSSON    299
Pieter Bruegel the Elder by STEPHANIE PORRAS    304
Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge by PAULA FINDLEN    305
Personalized Prints by PETER PARSHALL    307
Venetian Glass and Limoges Enamel by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    308
Hollstein New and Old by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    310
Claude Lorrain by LINO MANNOCCI    311
The Baron von Valvasor by CELINA FOX    313
Théodore Géricault by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    315
Cologne Cathedral by COLIN J. BAILEY    316
London Displayed by BAMBER GASCOIGNE    317
Thomas Bewick by IAN ROGERSON    319
A Print after Jacob van Ruisdael by SEYMOUR SLIVE    320
Whistler and Business by MARTHA TEDESCHI    321
Camille Martin by MARTIN HOPKINSON    323
Leonard Squirrell by ANTHONY DYSON    325
Picasso in the Brandhorst Collection by OLIVIER BERGGRUEN    325
Cubist Picasso and Braque by MARTIN HOPKINSON    327
Artists’ Books by ROWAN WATSON    327
Dürer, and his Modernist Response by PETER PARSHALL    329
Polish Posters by DAVID CROWLEY    330
John-Franklin Koenig by MARTIN HOPKINSON    331
Joe Tilson by PAUL COLDWELL    333
Masafumi Yamamoto’s Unrealized Edition by WILLIAM COLE    334
Rebecca Salter by EMMA HILL    335
Pizzi Cannella by MARTIN HOPKINSON    336
The Samuel and Gabrielle Lurie Collection by MARTIN HOPKINSON    338

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Lucas van Leyden by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN    339
The Origins of the Art Book by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    342
Andrea Pozzo by ANDREW HOPKINS    343
Thomas Rowlandson by KATHERINE HART    346
Stéphane Mallarmé and the Artist’s Book by JEAN KHALFA    350
Edvard Munch by JANE VAN NIMMEN    354
Alex Katz by MERLIN JAMES    357
Out of Australia by CATHY LEAHY    361


The Dudley Gallery’s ‘Black and White’ Exhibitions 1872–81 by MARTIN HOPKINSON    379
Matrix, Meaning and the Specificity of Site: The Floor-cuts of Thomas Kilpper by PAUL COLDWELL    396

Shorter Notices
Finding Folds: Albrecht Dürer’s Meisterstiche Papers by ANGELA CAMPBELL    405
Spinning the King: Prints, Imprinting and the Equestrian Portrait of Charles IV by KELLY DONAHUE-WALLACE    411

Greek Texts on Chiaroscuro Woodcuts by JAN JOHNSON    417
Coronini Cronberg Collection by MICHAEL BURY    418
Prints and the Getty by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    421
A Sixteenth-Century Book of Trades by CELINA FOX    422
Images of Attack by JEREMY ROE    423
Emblems for the Empress Maria by STEPHEN RAWLES    425
The Coat of Many Faces by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER    426
Grandville by CHRIS MICHAELIDES    429
Fantin-Latour and Berlioz by ANNE LEONARD    431
Odilon Redon by ASHER ETHAN MILLER    433
Otto Lange by AYA SOIKA    434
Between Symbolism and Expressionism by CATHERINE KRAHMER    435
Harold Wright AKA Stuff the Cartoonist by CAROL BLACKETT-ORD    436
Henry Rushbury by STEPHEN WILDMAN    436
Frits Lugt by ADRIAN EELES    438
Mabel Hewit by BILL NORTH    439
Frans Pannekoek by AN VAN CAMP    441
Thierry Le Saëc by MARTIN HOPKINSON    442
Jerwood Space by MARTIN HOPKINSON    444
The Chapman Brothers Flog a Dead Horse by GILL SAUNDERS    445
New Art from Germany by PAUL COLDWELL    448
Correction: Camillo Graffico    449
The Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    449

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Prints by the Beham Brothers by MARTIN KNAUER    451
Picturing the Scientific Revolution by EILEEN REEVES    454
Cities at War by MARK MCDONALD    458
Rembrandt Etchings by MARTIN ROYALTON-KISCH    463
Charles Le Brun and Monumental Prints by NORBERT MICHELS    470
Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine by A. E. WRIGHT    475
Toulouse Lautrec and Jane Avril by MARY WEAVER CHAPIN    478
Frits Lugt’s Collection of Prints by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    481