Editorial by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     3
Francesco Rosselli and Berlinghieri’s Geographia re-examined by SEAN ROBERTS    4
Raphael Morghen and Paris, by CAMILLA MURGIA      18
Ad Reinhardt: Visual Perception and the Screenprint Portfolios by ELIZABETH REEDE    34
A New Print by Nicoletto da Modena by GIULIO GIRONDI and MATTEO CRESPI    44
A Subject of the Small Landscapes Series identified by ERIK P. LOFFLER    46
An Unrealized Project by the Sadelers after Hans von Aachen by JOACHIM JACOBY      50
Arthur Hughes in the Dalziel Archive by MAROUSSIA OAKLEY    53


Collecting Prints after Adam Elsheimer by JOACHIM JACOBY    56
Earliest Dutch Etching Manual by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN    56
Two Italian Online Resources by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    57
Frontispieces by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    57
Illustrated Travel Accounts by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    59
Jean Georges Wille by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    60
Corot in Switzerland by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    61
Prints in Gaillac and Lisle-Sur Tarn by MARTIN HOPKINSON    61
Winslow Homer Illustrations by JUDITH BRODIE    62
Nineteenth-Century American Prints by JUDITH BRODIE    63
Slevogt by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    63
Hans Meid by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    64
Guido Colucci by MARTIN HOPKINSON    65
Cambellotti’s Circle by ROBERTA CREMONCINI    65
Jean Delpech by MARTIN HOPKINSON    66
Remo Wolf by MARTIN HOPKINSON    67
Warrington Colescott by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    69
Dublin’s Graphic Studio by MARTIN HOPKINSON    69
Guido Strazza by MARTIN HOPKINSON    70
Caldic Collection by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    72
Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    72
Copyright by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    73
Institutional Collecting by WILLIAM COLE    74
British Museum World History by RHODA EITEL-PORTER    76
Obituary David Pillsbury Becker by CLIFFORD S. ACKLEY    77
Obituary Ruth Bromberg by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    79

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Daniel Hopfer by MITCHELL MERBACK    80
Jan Gossaert by LARRY SILVER    83
Athanasius Kircher by IRINA ORYSHKEVICH    86
The Illustrated Catalogue as a New Genre by INGRID R. VERMEULEN    90
Between Invention and Reproduction by ECKHARD LEUSCHNER    92
British Railway Posters by MARTIN HOPKINSON    98
The History of Prints as Propaganda by DAVID KUNZLE    103

Number 2

The Dispersal of Lafreri’s Inheritance 1581–89 – III: The De’ Nobili-Arbotti-Clodio Partnership by VALERIA PAGANI    119
Ippolito Leoni’s 1636 Portrait of Ottavio Leoni: A Unique Counterproof  and Question of Authorship by MATHEW NORMAN     136
The Cartographic Origins of Adam Frans van der Meulen’s Marly Cycle by ROBERT WELLINGTON     142
Napoleon on St Helena: Altered Plates by MARIANNE A. YULE     155
Two remarkable Catalan illustrated books of the 1930s: Història d’una pera and Llibre de les flors, by WILLIAM COLE    162


The Goddess Fortune by MICHAEL BURY    166
One Shoe Off and One Shoe On by RHODA EITEL-PORTER    166
Response to a Query by RHODA EITEL-PORTER    167
Friedrich Bernhard Werner by JOHN ROGER PAAS    167
Guckkastenbilder by RALPH HYDE    168
Chinese Prints by ELLIS TINIOS    171
Ukiyo-e by CHRISTINE GUTH    172
Horace Walpole by LUCY PELTZ    174
Delaroche by DONATO ESPOSITO    176
Bracquemond on Light by ROBERT H. GETSCHER    178
Wallpaper in Switzerland by GILL SAUNDERS    178
Vallotton by CORA MICHAEL    180
Walter Bonner Gash by MARTIN HOPKINSON    181
Gromaire’s Nudes by MARTIN HOPKINSON    182
Fausto Melotti by MARTIN HOPKINSON    182
Giulia Napoleone by MARTIN HOPKINSON    183
Wolfgang Gäfgen by MARTIN HOPKINSON    184
Stanley Jones by LINDSEY SHAW-MILLER    187
Hilary Paynter by MARTIN HOPKINSON    188
Albert Irvin by MARTIN HOPKINSON    189
David Lynch by PAUL COLDWELL    190
Damien Hirst by PAUL COLDWELL    191
Contemporary Printmaking by PATRICK ELLIOTT    192
International Printmaking beyond the Edge by JUDITH BRODIE    194
Obituary Phyllis Dearborn Massar by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN    194
Tessa Sidey by MARTIN HOPKINSON    195

Catalogue and Book Reviews

The Viewer in Late Medieval Europe by MALCOLM JONES     196
Early Modern English Prints by MARGARET ASTON    197
Jacques Androuet du Cerceau by DEBORAH HOWARD     200
Wilhelm Friedrich Gmelin by F. CARLO SCHMID     203
Prints and Privacy in the Late Nineteenth Century (The Darker Side of Light) by CHRISTIAN RUMELIN     205
Voysey Bookplates by MARTIN HOPKINSON    209
Natalia Goncharova by GALINA MARDILOVICH     211
Picasso looks at Degas by SAMANTHA RIPPNER     213
Tatyana Grosman by MARILYN SYMMES    217
Alex Katz by DAVID COHEN     220

Number 3

Tabula Gratulatoria     235
Introduction by DAVID LANDAU    239
An Addition to the Oeuvre of Wenzel von Olmütz by CHRISTOPHER MENDEZ     241
An Early Forgery of the Buxheim St Christopher, by SZILVIA BODNAR    242
A Little Gift from an Old Friend: Dürer’s drawings by Fra Giocondo by ARNOLD NESSELRATH     244
Jan Gossaert’s Mocking of Christ: A Reversal of States by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN     249
Niccolò Vicentino’s Miraculous Draught of Fishes, by NAOKO TAKAHATAKE        256
Michelangelo at Fontainebleau by CATHERINE JENKINS       261
Béatrizet’s Last Judgement, after Michelangelo, in the Courtauld gallery by MICHAEL BURY and KATHARINE LOCKETT     266
A New State by Goltzius, with Imperial Implications by MARJORIE B. COHN      272
Rome 1610: Guido Reni after Annibale Carracci by MARZIA FAIETTI     276
An Unrecorded English Broadside Ballad of 1626 in Ceský  Šternberk by DAVID PAISEY    282
Cesare Bassano’s 1635 Siege of Valenza, by MARK MCDONALD       288
Cardinal Francesco Barberini and the Specula Principum Tradition by KETTY GOTTARDO      293
‘Washing the Ass’s Head’: Proverbial and Allegorical Prints by JEAN MICHEL MASSING     298
Robert Vaughan and Monumental Brasses by SIMON TURNER      305
Some Observations on Rembrandt’s Bathers, by MARTIN ROYALTON-KISCH     310
A Rare Survivor: François Langot’s Christ Crowned with Thorns, by DAVID MASKILL       314
Jean Lepautre’s Forgotten Seven Cannons, by MAXIME PREAUD     318
A Mauro Gandolfi Print Study Lost and Found by HUGO CHAPMAN      321
Remarks on Giambattista Tiepolo’s Scherzi, by CHRISTIAN RUMELIN      322
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo: The Pastiche as Capriccio by PETER PARSHALL      327
William Pennock – Retrieving an Early Eighteenth-Century Print Publisher by MALCOLM JONES    331
Satirical Prints by Jefferyes Hamett O’Neale by SHEILA O’CONNELL and ROSEMARY BAKER       338


Number 4

Tabula Gratulatoria      363
Introduction by DAVID LANDAU     367
Jean-Baptiste Glomy’s Etched Borders for Drawings and Prints by PETER FUHRING       369
The Print Collection of Sir Joshua Reynolds by DONATO ESPOSITO     376
Raphael Morghen’s Inventory of the ‘Calcografia Volpato’ by GIORGIO MARINI      382
Some Thoughts on Flaxman and the Engraved Outlines by DEANNA PETHERBRIDGE      385
Frog to Apollo: A French Print after Lavater and Pre-Darwinian Theories of Evolution by DAVID BINDMAN      392
Enlightened Friendship by FRANCES CAREY     396
‘Good Morning Gentlemen, What Are We Up To?’ by GER LUIJTEN       401
Alexander Cozens and Amateurs Drawn to Etch by KIM SLOAN       405
James Hughes Anderdon’s Collectanea Biographica: An Extraordinary Collection in the Keeper’s Office by AN VAN CAMP      410
Documents on Godefroy Engelmann’s Chromolithographie, by TANYA SZRAJBER     414
Antoine-Augustin Renouard’s Collection of Affiches de Librairie, by CHRIS MICHAELIDES     418
Five Lithographic Stones for Manet in 1873 by JULIET WILSON-BAREAU      425
Degas and Hiroshige by TOM RASSIEUR       429
Reflections on Gauguin’s Woodcut Soyez Amoureuses, by RICHARD S. FIELD      432
The Book and Print Collector Hans Fürstenberg by PAUL R. QUARRIE      435
A Hoytema Archive in Boston by CLIFFORD S. ACKLEY      439
Boom and Bust: Notes on the Inter-war British Print bubble by CELINA FOX    444
Two Bookplates by Joseph Hecht by MARTIN HOPKINSON     448
Patriotic Hellenism: A Poster for the 1948 London Olympics by IAN JENKINS     451
Hercules Segers Influence on Post-World War II Netherlandish Printmakers by JAN PIET FILEDT KOK     456
An Unknown Lithograph from Philip Guston’s Late Work by MICHAEL SEMFF      462
Disguising Dürer’s Line and Other Print Transformations by Carl Fudge by MARILYN SYMMES    464
‘Geography with a Purpose’: Bea Maddock’s Terra Spiritus, by IRENA ZDANOWICZ      471