Number 1

Niccolò della Casa’s Last Judgement Dissected by michael bury    3
Stradanus’s Print Shop by ad stijman    11
Another Early Review of Whistler’s Thames Set, by martin hopkinson    29
Free Prints and Multiples in Contemporary France by oceane deleaux     38
The Gift of a Print in 1539 by kate heard    53
A Rediscovered Liotard by perrin stein    55

Saints and Rabbits by jean michel massing    61
De Passe and the Sibyls by june schlueter    62
Idols and Art Works by nausikaä el-mecky    64
Romantic Printmaking in Sydney by martin hopkinson    65
Visitors to the British Museum Print Room by martin hopkinson    65
Tennyson Revisited by paul goldman    65
Jean-Émile Laboureur by william cole    66
World War 1 Artists at Beauvais by martin hopkinson    66
Anthony Raine Barker by martin hopkinson    69
Surrealism by antony griffiths    69
Stanley Cursiter by martin hopkinson    70
The Women’s Land Army by martin hopkinson    72
Gregory Orloff by martin hopkinson    73
Fred Uhlman in Internment by martin hopkinson    73
The early years of an Arts Society by martin hopkinson    75
Andor Weininger in Canada by martin hopkinson    76
Peter Blake by colin wiggins    77
The Art of the French Book by jean khalfa    78
Olympic posters by jürgen döring    79
Digital printmaking by fanny singer    79
DCA Editions by martin hopkinson    80
Print Rooms in Germany by antony griffiths    80

Catalogue and Book Reviews
French Renaissance by margaret mcgowan     81
South Netherlandish Prints Overseas by jean michel massing     82
Rolf Nesch by antony griffiths     84
Munch by jane van nimmen     86

Number 2

Coriolano by naoko takahatake    103
Thinking Aloud: Two Suites by William Kentridge by angela beidbach    131
Was Richard Smith Richard Schilders? by june schlueter   143
The Great Sacrifice: From War Souvenir to Inspirational Icon by peter harrington     148
Julia Mavrogordato by timothy jones    157

Solution to a quiz    160
From Mantegna to Dürer by lisa pon    160
Scriptural Prints by peter van der coelen    162
Romeyn de Hooghe by nadine m. orenstein    162
Cartographic Encounters by jean michel massing    163
James Barry by suzanne e. may    163
Darwin and Prints by ludmilla jordanova    164
Japon Illustré by jean michel massing    165
Alfred East by martin hopkinson    165
Stephen Parrish by martin hopkinson    166
Adolfo de Carolis and Francesco Nonni by martin hopkinson    168
A Jules Pascin Lithograph by william cole    170
Lorenzo Viani by martin hopkinson    170
Wobbe Alkema by martin hopkinson    172
Italo Zetti by martin hopkinson    173
Louis Joseph Soulas by martin hopkinson    173
The Cento Amici del Libro by martin hopkinson    174
Rubber Prints by martin hopkinson    176
Verena Loewensberg by martin hopkinson    178
South American Geometric Abstraction by martin hopkinson    179
Orbandale by martin hopkinson    180
Ben Nicholson’s Prints by stephen coppel    180
Michael Mazur by william cole    182
Frances Walker by martin hopkinson    184
William Littlejohn by martin hopkinson    184
Sol Lewitt by susan johanknecht    185
Jürgen Czaschka by martin hopkinson    186
Mario Chianese by martin hopkinson    187
Beth Fisher by martin hopkinson    187
Matthew Brannon by martin hopkinson    189
John McLean by martin hopkinson    190
Emma Stibbon by angela summerfield    191
Digital Prints by paul coldwell    193
Cape Dorset Prints by martin hopkinson    193
Art at Te Papa Tongarewa by martin hopkinson    196
Corrections    197

 Catalogue and Book Reviews
Van Dyck and Britain by christopher baker    197
Mezzotint by christiane wiebel     198
Watteau by katie scott    200
Kuniyoshi by julie n. davis    203
Millais in Reproduction by donato esposito    207
Revolutionary Graphics by stephen white    211

Number 3

Copies after Caraglio’s Loves of the Gods, by james grantham turner   231
Droeshout by june schlueter     253
Art for Schools: The Print Society by martin hopkinson    263
The Portrait of Freymon after Hans von Aachen by joachim jacoby    277
Pissarro’s Self-Portrait by r. stanley johnson     283

Bamberg Incunabula by jean michel massing    285
Altdorfer’s ‘Schöne Maria’ by marco pesarese    286
Marco Dente by michael bury    286
The Brilliant Line by meredith m. hale    287
Etching In Bremen by jean michel massing    288
An Etching by or after Rembrandt? by william cole    289
Italian Prints at Wellesley by michael bury    290
One Hundred Japanese Prints by ellis tinios    290
Japanese Prints in France by ellis tinios    290
Reproductive Printmaking by michael bury    290
The Art of the Printmaker by meredith m. hale    291
Edo Japan at Play by ellis tinios    291
Prints in Badajoz by nigel glendinning    291
American Wood-engravers by paul goldman    292
Prints in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts    293
Yoshu Chikanobu by ellis tinios    293
Turn-of-the-century Dutch Prints by martin hopkinson    293
Ernst Barlach by christian rümelin    297
Marius Bauer by mariëtta jansen    299
Brangwyn in Japan by martin hopkinson    299
Bianchi Barriviera in Africa by martin hopkinson    300
Jean Dubuffet Künstlerbücher by stephen bury    301
American Prints of Industry by celina fox    303
Colquhoun and Macbryde by martin hopkinson    303
James E. Routh by antony griffiths    305
Joseph Hecht by william cole    306
Pastel Colour Prints by Bowmar-Porter by martin hopkinson    307
HAP Grieshaber by christian rümelin    307
Geoffrey Garnier by martin hopkinson    309
Richard Lohse by martin hopkinson    310
Sigfrido Bartolini by martin hopkinson    312
Marc Brusse in Gravelines by martin hopkinson    312
Livio Ceschin by antony griffiths    313
Trevor Frankland by martin hopkinson    313
The Erker Press by christian rümelin    313
Edition Cestio by monika brunner    314
Jan Peter Thorbecke by martin hopkinson    315
The Ludwig Collection by christian rümelin    315
Masafumi Yamamoto by ellis tinios    316
Paul Binnie by ellis tinios    316
Print Quarterly Reader Survey    316
Carlo James by véronique strasser    316

 Catalogue and Book Reviews
Ugo da Carpi by naoko takahatake    317
Italian Reproductive Prints by michael bury    321
Prints in the Uffizi by antony griffiths    324
Decorative Borders for Children’s Good Wishes by evelyne verheggen    326
The Capital of the Comic Strip by david kunzle    328
Rosa Schapire by charlotte gore    330
Herbert Bayer by jana scholze     332
Prints from the American Scene by marilyn symmes     334
Carlo Cardazzo by martin hopkinson    339

Number 4

The Print Collection of Francesco Ricchino by maria fiori     359
The Etchings by Drawings Collector Nicolaes Flinck by an van camp    371
F. Ernest Jackson’s School Pictures Project by margaret bear     381
Vasari and City Views by ryan e. gregg    392
Portraits of Dutch Rabbis by waldemar deluga    396

A Happy (Re)Marriage by l. elizabeth upper    401
Mercenaries and Turks by peter van der coelen    401
Venice and Dürer by eric p. lester    404
Early British Prints by sheila o’connell    405
Religious Imagination by larry silver    407
Callot Extraordinaire by maxime préaud    409
Reynolds’ Collection of Works on Paper by martin hopkinson    410
Eighteenth-Century Childhood by gillian dow    410
Picturing Victorian America by ralph hyde    411
Photomechanical Reproduction by celina fox    414
American Lithography by ralph hyde    414
Colnaghi by celina fox    415
Dutch Art Nouveau Book Design by martin hopkinson    416
Hedley Fitton by martin hopkinson    416
William Strang’s The Plough by martin hopkinson    417
Paul Ranson by martin hopkinson    417
Charles Doudelet by roberta cremoncini    418
Rupert Bunny, Artist in Paris by allison morehead    419
André Deslignères by martin hopkinson    421
Josef Váchal by martin hopkinson    422
Nivernais Printmakers by martin hopkinson    422
Matisse as Printmaker by martin hopkinson    423
Picasso and Japan by ellis tinios    425
Picasso at Moma by frederick mulder    425
Edmund Blampied by martin hopkinson    427
Rupert Lee by martin hopkinson    428
Constructivism in Russia by christina lodder    429
Dino Villani by martin hopkinson    429
Campari Lite by christopher adams    430
Germaine Ernst by martin hopkinson    432
Japanese Print Museum by ellis tinios    433
Henry Moore by paul coldwell    433
John Cage by martin hopkinson    434
Lucian Freud by david case    435
Barbara Rae by martin hopkinson    435
Kikie Crêvecoeur by martin hopkinson    436
Printmaking in Modena by martin hopkinson    437
Art for Life’s Sake by john phillips    437
Art, Modernity and Chaos by paul coldwell    438
Contemporary Prints in Kent by paul coldwell    438
Lino Mannocci by emma hill    438

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Michelangelo and Prints by lisa pon    440
From Rubens by nadia harabasz    442
English Satire by rosemary baker    445
Kolbe by colin j. bailey    446
Linley Sambourne and Punch, by celina fox    449
Terry Frost by nicholas goodison    450
Hernández Pijuan by william cole    453
East and West German Prints by jutta vinzent   456