Illustrating Books with Engravings: Plantin’s Working Practices Revealed by KAREN BOWEN     3
The Cries of London by Paul Sandby and Thomas Rowlandson by MARK ELLIS     34
Wordless Novels in Woodcuts by DAVID A. BERONÄ     61
Notes     73
Goltzius and Sculpture by NANCY BIALLER     89
Japanese Prints and the Allied Occupation by DONALD JENKINS     90
Wood-engraving Now by JOANNA SELBORNE     92
Hiratsuka by LAWRENCE SMITH     99
Toledo by DAWN ADES     101


New Light on Battista del Moro as a Printmaker by MICHAEL BURY     123
Samuel Woodburn by SIMON TURNER     131
John Edgar Platt and the Society of Graver-Printers in Colour by HILARY CHAPMAN     145
Richard Godfrey (1945-2003) by NICHOLAS STOGDON     159
Notes     162
Humour and Folly in Early Prints by MALCOLM JONES     181
Breu the Elder by BRIDGET HEAL     183
Colour in Northern Renaissance Prints by PETER PARSHALL     185
The British School at Rome by IAN LOWE     189
The Floating World of Ukiyo-e by ELLIS TINIOS     192
Chasseriau by JAY M. FISHER     193
Kollwitz by AYA SOIKA     197
Rockwell Kent by JAKE MILGRAM WIEN     203
To Excite the Eyes by DAVID ROBINSON     208


Burgkmair’s Woodcut Frieze of Natives of Africa and India by MARK P. MCDONALD     227
An Unusual Print by Giulio Bonasone by STEPHEN BERGQUIST     245
How to Decorate A Room with Prints, 1674 by MALCOLM JONES     247
A Source for Goya’s Disparate volante by ROBERT G. LA FRANCE     249
Richard Josey and Charles Augustus Howell by MARTIN HOPKINSON     254
Notes     262
Venetian Prints by MICHAEL BURY     289
Bresdin by TED GOTT     290
Henri Van Straten by DAVID A. BERONÄ     293
The Chicago Society of Etchers by MARTHA TEDESCHI     298
Wadsworth by JONATHAN BLACK     301
Bridget Riley by PAT GILMOUR     306
The Big Americans by JEREMY LEWISON     311


The Prints of the Brotherhood of Ave Maria by MARIA CRUZ DE CARLOS     335
The Medici Collection of Engraved Plates by ALESSANDRA BARONI VANNUCCI     349
Jewish Printed Amulets by WALDEMAR DELUGA     369
The Contract for The Grand Attack on Valenciennes by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     374
Paul Sandby and the Secrets of Aquatint by MARTIN HOPKINSON     380
Notes     383
Prints in the Medieval World by DAVID KUNZLE     405
Pollaiuolo by DAVID LANDAU     408
Printmakers in the Age of Humanism by MARK P. MCDONALD     412
Writing on Hands by JEAN MICHEL MASSING     415
Italian Chiaroscuro Woodcuts by MICHAEL BURY     418
Whistler in Glasgow and New York by MARTIN HOPKINSON     420
Kees van Dongen by EMMANUEL PERNOUD     426
Personal Encounters with Artist-illustrated Books by MARILYN SYMMES     428
Ron King and the Circle Press by STEPHEN BURY     434