The Market for Prints under Louis XIV: Charles de Brun by PETER FUHRING     3
Paintings, Prints and Politics during the American War: Henry Walton’s A Girl Buying a Ballad, by MARK L. EVANS     12
Not For Sale: Prints for American Embassies by RIVA CASTLEMAN     24
Baccio Bandinelli’s Self-portrait by ERNA FIORENTINI and RAPHAEL ROSENBERG     34
Some Letters of Robert Dighton by SIMON HOUFE     45
Notes     50
Botticelli by MARK ZUCKER     81
Bruegel by CATHARINA KAHANE     83
Rugendas by STACEY SELL     85
The Single Prints of James Heath by DAVID ALEXANDER     87
Surimono by LOUISE VIRGIN     93
Whistler and Venice by ROBERT H. GETSCHER     94
Paolozzi by FIONA PEARSON     96


Greek Church Prints by WALDEMAR DELUGA     123
The ‘Impostures’ of Bartholomäus Ignaz Weiss by STACEY SELL     136
Henri de Groux, the Great War and the Apocalypse by NANCY DAVENPORT     147
Head of a Jester by GREGORY DAVIES and ALISON STEWART     170
Notes     175
De Passe by MALCOLM JONES     194
Hogarth by SHEILA O’CONNELL     196
Gillray by NICHOLAS K. ROBINSON     198
Gwen Raverat by IAN LOWE     201
Westermann by PAT GILMOUR     204
Münter by AYA SOIKA     207
Abstract Expressionist Prints by REBA WHITE WILLIAMS     212
Zigaina by ROBERTA CREMONCINI     214


Metamorphoses of a Plate: The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa by Villamena after Tempesta by ECKHARD LEUSCHNER and PHILIPPE ROUILLARD     235
Frederick, Prince of Wales, as Print Collector by THOMAS MCGEARY     254
Lino Mannocci: Etchings and Drypoints since 1993 by DAVID COHEN     261
A Document for Titian’s St Roch, by LISA PON     275
Plastocowell and Orlando the Marmalade Cat by FRANCES CAREY and HUGH TEMPEST-RADFORD     278
Notes     281
Johann Georg Wille by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     295
Graphic Satires from the Georgian Period by AILEEN RIBEIRO     298
Frederick Sandys by PAUL GOLDMAN     300
Christian Schad by KEITH HARTLEY     301
Red Grooms by REBA WHITE WILLIAMS     303
Prints and the Victoria and Albert Museum by PAT GILMOUR     305


Enea Vico’s Proposed Triumphs of Charles V by ROSEMARIE MULCAHY     331
A Year for Celebrating W. F. Rock by RALPH HYDE     341
The Prints of William Zorach by EFRAM L. BURK     353
A Plan for Raising Money for the Calcographic Society by DONGHO CHUN     373
Whistler at Gray’s Inn by MARTIN HOPKINSON     376
Notes     383
The Print in Italy, 1550-1620 by SUZANNE BOORSCH     407
Protestants, Papists and Players by MALCOLM JONES     411
Ruisdael by HUIGEN LEEFLANG     413
Augsburg by DAVID PAISEY     416
Jolis-Pla by HELENA BATLLE ARGIMON     418
From Box to Screen by DAVID ROBINSON     420
Warhol by TESSA SIDEY     421
The Paragon Press by FRANCES CAREY     423