Borghini’s Print Purchases from Giunti by ELIANA CARRARA and SHARON GREGORY     3
Manet’s Portrait-charge of Emile Ollivier by THERESE DOLAN     17
Anselm Kiefer as Printmaker – II Alchemy and the Woodcut, 1993-1999 by JAMES HYMAN     26
The Print Collection of Ferdinand Columbus by MARK P. MCDONALD     43
Notes     47
Dürer and his culture by BARBARA BUTTS     65
Italian Masters of the Sixteenth-century by D. STEPHEN PEPPER     67
Painting and Prints in Andalusia by SUZANNE STRATTON-PRUITT     73
De’ Rossi by PETER FUHRING     74
Popular Prints in England by MORRIS MARTIN     82
The ‘Alchemist of Mezzotint’ by SARAH HYDE     83
The Magic Lantern by ALBERTO MILANO     85
Blake by MICHAEL PHILLIPS     86
Munch by MARTIN HOPKINSON     89
Posters from Austria and Germany by JEREMY AYNSLEY     91


‘The Print in Stuart Britain’ Revisited by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     115
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William Monk’s Calendar: Time to Say Goodbye by RALPH HYDE     132
Documents on Antonio Salamanca by VALERIA PAGANI     148
Pastocowell: Anthony Gross’s Illustrations for The Forsythe Saga by FELIX POLLACK     156
Notes     165
Anthony Van Dyck by SIMON TURNER     190
Rembrandt by IRENA ZDANOWICZ     193
Napoleonic Legends by LEAH KHARIBIAN     196
Arthur Wesley Dow by NANCY FINLAY     198
Prints in Weimar Germany by MARTIN HOPKINSON     200
The Albertina by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     202
The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers by IAN LOWE     204
Mythological Prints by JERZY MIZIOLEK     207
Gwathmey by REBA WHITE WILLIAMS     209
Multiple Beuys by CHRIS THOMPSON     214


Print Publishing in Venice in the Second Half of the Sixteenth century by GERT VAN DER SMAN     235
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A Matham Virgin in Kiev by WALDEMAR DELUGA     284
Notes     288
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Meryon by MARTIN HOPKINSON     314
Caulfield, Roth, Ruscha and Serra by PAT GILMOUR     315
Ian Hamilton Findlay by CATHERINE MOONEY     320


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The Angel’s Wing that Wasn’t: Old Master Paintings and Eighteenth-century Mezzotints by NATALIA PARSHINA     364
Database Design and Management for the Columbus Print Collection Project by MARK P. MCDONALD     374
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Print Renaissance in Winsconsin by JOSEPH RUZICKA     432
Winters by KARIN BREUER     436
The Apocalypse by PETRA ROETTIG     439