The Fauve Woodcut by STEPHEN COPPEL     3
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Marcantonio as Book illustrator by SILVIA URBINI     50
This horryble monster: An Anglo-German Broadside of 1531by SHEILA O’CONNELL and DAVID PAISLEY     57
Notes     64
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Prints at the Tate by PAT GILMOUR     100


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with an appendix: The Identifcation of Prints in Holland’s 1794 Catalogue by DAVID ALEXANDER     136
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More on Large Noses by DANIEL HORST     158
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Notes     167
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Angels and Urchins by ANTHONY MOULD     186
Spanish Printmaking by MARK P. MCDONALD     188
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Notes     273
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Notes     370
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Printmaking in Antwerp by PETER PARSHALL     395
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Thomas Allom by RALPH HYDE     400
Notre-Dame by MICHELE HANNOOSH     403
Anselm Kiefer by JAMES HYMAN     404