Botticelli, Leonardo and a Morris Dance by MICHAEL W. KWAKKELSTEIN     3
The Print Collection of Phillip II at the Escorial by MARK P. MCDONALD     15
The Prints of Henri Cartier-Bresson by JAMES HYMAN     35
The Woodtypes of Mary Viola Paterson by JANES LINDSEY     56
Notes     60
Lucas van Leyden by STEPHANIE LOEB STEPANEK     80
Bellange by STEPHEN GODDARD     92
Victorian Illustration by JOHN HARVEY     95
American Prints by LINDSAY LEARD     97
John Taylor Arms by S. WILLAIM PELLETIER     99
Canada and the Etching Revival by MICHAEL PARKE-TAYLOR     101
Louis Lozowick by ANDREW HEMINGWAY     103
Ornament by SIMON JERVIS     106


Theodore De Bry’s Images for America by HENRY KEAZOR     131
Romeyn de Hooghe and the Funeral of the People’s queen by RALPH HYDE     150
The Creation of Bonnard’s Correspondances by REBECCA A. RABINOW     173
Goltzius’s use of Grey Ink by KIMBERLEY SCHENCK     186
Notes     191
Early Netherlandish Prints by NANCY FRESELLA-LEE     209
Italian Renaissance ‘Design’ by LUKE SYSON     213
Plantin and the Morteuses by CHRISTIAAN SCHUCKMAN     215
Van Ostade and the Civilised Peasant by LINDSEY SHAW-MILLER     218
Goya by SARAH SYMMONS     220
Hiroshige by ELLIS TINIOS     222
Kerr Eby by ANGELA WEIGHT     224
Oldenburg by PAT GILMOUR     226


The Prints of francesco Zuccarelli by PHYLLIS DEARBORN MASSAR     247
Hughie O’Donohugue: A Catalogue, 1979-1997 by JAMES HYMAN     264
Rembrandt’s Ecce Homo: A Census of Impressions by ADRIAN EELES     290
Notes     297
Heinrich Vogterr The Elder by ANDREW MORRALL     317
The War of Images in Seventeenth-century Europe by JEAN RANKINE     320
The Hogarth Tercentenary by JUDY EGERTON     322
The Training of Artists in Nineteenth-century America by LAUREN B. HEWES     328
Making Prints at Crown Point Press by ROSEMARY MILES     330
From Pre-Pop to Postmodern by PAT GILMOUR     333


The Papal Printing Privilege by ECKHARD LEUSCHINER     359
The French Revolution in American Satirical Prints by PASCAL DUPUY     371
An Alleged Fifteenth-century Woodcut Ceiling in Ferrara by KATHARINA MAYER HAUNTON     385
Master Ilia’s Lysteva Bible by OXANA YURCHYSHYN     389
Whistler’s Mezzotints by MARTIN HOPKINSON     396
Quantitive Values for Paper Colours by STANFORD L. OPTNER     401
Notes     405
Low and High Style by SHARON FERMOR     413
Allegorical Print Series by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN     415
The Poilly Brothers by JEAN MAZEL     417
Kuniyoshi by ELLIS TINIOS     419
Kohn and Ganso by REBA WHITE WILLIAMS     421
Che Guevara by WILLIAM JEFFETT     422