An Album of Print c. 1560 in the British Library by ANTONY GRIFFITHS and ANNE PUETZ     3
Prints for a Monastery in Kiev by WALDEMAR DELUGA     10
The Sites of Whistler’s Venice Etchings by ALASTAIR GRIEVE     20
Theo Tremblay and Aboriginal Prints by MICHAEL DENHOLM     39
Captain Baillie and ‘The Hundred Guilder Print’ by NICHOLAS STOGDON     53
Notes     57
Ephemeral Architecture by JAMES STEVENS CURL     69
Almanachs under Louis XIV by JENNIFER MONTAGU     71
Francesco Londonio by ROBERTA J. M. OLSON     73
Nolde by JILL LLOYD     77
Louise Borgeois by HILARIE FABERMAN     79
Contemporary British Art in Print by FRANCES CAREY     82


Beatrizet and the ‘Reproduction’ of Antique Relief Sculpture by MICHAEL BURY     111
A Booklet of Etchings by Guiseppe Caletti by VALERIA BARBONI and ENRICO CORTONA     127
The Marketing of Gilt Leather in Seventeenth-century Holland by ELOY KOLDEWEIJ     136
Prints from Goluchów Rediscovered by NICHOLAS STOGDON     149
Notes     181
German Renaissance Prints by PETER PARSHALL     197
Aldegrever by STEPHEN GODDARD     201
La Bella Maniera by SUZANNE BOORSCH     204
Prints and Wedgwood by RALPH HYDE     208
Van Gogh by MARTIN BAILEY     211
Linocuts of the Machine Age by PATRICIA AINSLIE     213


Guercino and Pasqualini’s Working Proofs by NICHOLAS TURNER     239
Hogarth and the Comic Muse by RUTHAN MCNAMARA     251
The Influence of Picasso on American Printmakers by REBA and DAVE WILLIAMS     259
A Note on Ribera as an Engraver by GABRIELE FINALDI     287
The Prints of the Calcografia Camerale at the Biblioteca Casanatense by VALERIA PAGANI     291
Notes     305
The Master E.S. by HOLM BEVERS     316
The Baur Collection by TIMOTHY CLARK     323
The Prime Ministers by ALAN FERN     325
Paper Soldiers by TIM CLAYTON     327
Picturesque America by SALLY PIERCE     328
Representing America by REBA WHITE WILLIAMS     331
Martin Lewis by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     333
Printmaking in America by PAT GILMOUR     334


Wounteel, de Passe and the Anglo-Netherlands Print Trade by ROBERT A. GERARD     363
The Great Depression and the Prints of Blanche Grambs by JAMES WECHSLER     376
Notes on Giulio Campagnola’s Prints by PAUL HOLBERTON     397
Lorenzo Tiepolo’s St Charles Borromeo Venerating the Crucifix, by SUZANNE BOORSCH     401
Toulouse-Lautrec’s Two Stamps by STANFORD L. OPTNER     411
Diego Rivera’s The Communicating Vessels by STARR FIGURA     413
Notes     415
Self-portraiture in the German Renaissance by CHARLES TALBOT     421
Graven Images by CHRISTOPHER WHITE     422
The Post-Pre-Raphaelite Print by ROBIN DE BEAUMONT     426
Whistler by ALASTAIR GRIEVE     429
Reading Iconotexts by THOMAS GRETTON     430
The Anatomy of Colour by JOHN GAGE     431