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Charles Dulac’s Suite des Paysages by ELIZABETH PRELINGER     41
The ‘Weyhe Portfolio’ by REBA WHITE WILLIAMS     53
Notes     62
Jost Amman by TILMAN FALK     78
Goltzius’s Chiaroscuro Woodcuts by CLIFFORD ACKLEY     80
Matthaeus Merian by DAVID PAISLEY     83
Fuseli by PETER TOMORY     86
Blake in Australia by DAVID B. BROWN     87
Degas Landscapes by PAUL SMITH     89
French Architectural Books by ALISON SHELL     91
Botanical Illustration by LINDA PARSHALL     93

Cranach as Cartographer : The Rediscovered Map of the Holy Land by ARMIN KUNZ     123
Goya’s Etchings after Veláquez by JESUSA VEGA     145
Two Early Monotypes by Sallaert by TODD D. WEYMAN     164
Allart van Everdingen’s Mezzotint Inculabula by ELIZABETH MANSFIELD     169
Towards a British Standard for the Print by JOSEPH WINKLEMAN     179
Notes     182
The Lepautre Family by HUMPHREY WINE     194
Art and Industry in the Age of Blake by DAVID WORRALL     195
Blake and the Illuminated Book by DAVID FULLER     197
Visual Culture and the July Monarch by PAUL JOBLING     199
Seurat and Chéret by P. DENNIS CATE     210
Gustave Baumann by PAMELA D. KINGSBURY     202
Wood-engraving and Woodcut in Britian by IAN LOWE     203
A Century of Artists’ Books by ELEANOR M. GARVEY     205

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Dürer’s Treatise on Fortifications in Vasari’s Workshop by SHARON GREGORY     275
Art for All : Was Mencken Right? by CLINTON ADAMS     279
Notes     289
Altdorfer by KEITH MOXEY     298
Printmaking in Renaissance France by EUGENE A. CARROLL     299
Cornelis Cort by CHRISTIAAN SCHUCKMAN     303
Hollar by GRAHAM PARRY     305
Audubon by RALPH HYDE     307
De Boissieu by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     309
Klinger by IRENA ZDANOWICZ     310
Sam Francis by DAVID CARRIER     313
Spanish Printmaking by NIGEL GLENDENNING     314
Contemporary Australian Printmaking by PAT GILMOUR     316

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Notes     392
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Prints in the Great War by BRUCE DAVIS     417
British Book Illustrators by PAUL GOLDMAN     420