The Dating and Interpretation of Goya’s Disasters of War by JESUSA VEGA     3
Additions to Proger by JEF SCHAEPS     18
Possenti and Hercules by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN     20
Millet’s La Tricoteuse by S. WILLIAM PELLETIER     25
William Gropper’s Capriccios by NORMA S. STEINBERG     29
The ‘Rider’ Series, Four New Etchings by Christopher Le Brun by COLIN WIGGINS     36
Notes     40
Giulio Romano and Prints by MICHAEL BURY     64
Symbolic Imagery in Lorraine by JEAN MICHAEL MASSING     66
Vouet and Printmaking in Seventeenth-century France by ALVIN L. CLARK, JR.     69
Early English Caricature by ROSEMARY BAKER     71
Kunisada’s World by ELLIS TINIOS     73
Prints in Spain by NIGEL GLENDENNING     74
Book Illustrators of the 1890s by J. P. G. DELANEY     76


The Print Collection of the duc de Mortemart by ANTONY GRIFFITHS and CRAIG HARTLEY     107
R. B. Kitaj and Chris Prater by PAT GILMOUR     117
New Documents on Sixteenth-century Printmaking in Paris by MICHÈLE BIMBENET-PRIVAT and FABIENNE LE BARS     151
Further Information on the Spencer Albums by MARJORIE B. COHN     155
The Print Collection of the Polish Academy of Sciences by KRZYSZTOF KRUZEL     158
Notes     167
Incunabala in Cambridge Collections by NANCY V. FRESELLA-LEE     179
Printmaking in the Seicento by ELIZABETH CROPPER     182
The Spencer Albums by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     183
Goya’s Plates by SARAH SYMMONS     185
Turner’s Vignettes by ANTHONY DYSON     187
Caricature in Nineteenth -century France by JAMES CUNO     189
Roger Viellard by VALERIE HOLMAN     193
Twentieth-century Printmaking in Eastern Europe by PETER FORD     195


Jan Harmensz. Muller as Printmaker – I by JAN PIET FILEDT KOK     223
Kawamura Bumpo: The Artist and his Books by ELLIS TINIOS     265
Robert Nanteuil’s Doctored Bishop by JAMES A. GANZ     292
Michael Rothenstein’s Monotypes and Monoprints by TESSA SIDEY     298
Notes     305
Adriaen van Ostade by RUTH-MARIA MUTHMAN     317
Canaletto’s Etchings by KATHARINA MAYER HAUNTON     319
‘Les XX’ and the Belgian Avant-garde by AMY F. OGATA     321
Emil Rudolf Weiss by CATHERINE KRAHMER     323


Jan Harmensz. Muller as Printmaker – II by  JAN PIET FILEDT KOK, ERIK HINTERBURG and JAN VAN DER WAALS     351
The ‘American Scene’ Print and Cartoon by EUGENE BALK     379
Van Ostade’s Etchings Published by’La Veuve Jean’ by S. WILLIAM PELLETIER     395
Pietro Longhi and his Engravers by GIORGIO MARINI     401
A Sèvres Plate and Lithography by OLIVER FAIRCLOUGH     410
Whistler’s Recipe for Cleaning Etching Plates by MARTIN HOPKINSON     420
Notes     421
Political Prints in the Netherlands by MINNEKE STUYCK     439
The Remondini Family by PETER FUHRING     441
John Martin by MICHAEL PIDGLEY     446
Knight and Legion by SIMON BRETT     448