On Some engravings by Giorgio Ghisi Commonly Called ‘Reproductive’ by MICHAEL BURY     4
The Rogers Collection in the Cottonian Library, Plymouth by ANTONY GRIFFITHS     19
Füssli’s ‘Fakes’? by ILSE O’DELL     37
On Camels in Art : Bresdin’s Good Samaritan by DAVID P. BECKER     43
The Rembrandt Plates and Donald Shaw MacLaughlan by CAROLYN W. MACHARDY     47
Notes     54
Maiolica and Prints by TIMOTHY WILSON     64
Prints and Michelangelo by ANTHONY HUGHES     66
Antoni Waterloo by CHRISTIAAN SCHUCKMAN     68
Blair Hughes-Stanton by DILWYN KNOX     75
Hecht and Hayter by DAVID COHEN     78
Graphicstudio by PAT GILMOUR     82
Arman by SARAH WILSON     84
Brice Marden by FRANCES CAREY     86


Rembrandt, Zomer, Zanetti and Smith by MARTIN ROYALTON-KISCH     111
Reviews of English Prints in German Journals, 1750-1800 by TIMOTHY CLAYTON     123
Pierre Roche and the ‘belle gypsographie’ by ELIZABETH PRELINGER     138
The States of Petitot and Bossi’s Suite de Vases by WILLIAM COLE     156
Jock McFayden at Paupers Press by ROBERT MACDONALD     160
Notes     169
Early Collecting in the Netherlands by PETER PARSHALL     180
Angelica Kaufman by SARAH HYDE     183
Goya’s Caprichos by JANIS TOMLINSON     187
Programmes for Parisian Theatres by CLAUDE SCHUMACHER     189
Winslow Homer by STEPHANIE LOEB STEPANEK     194
The Bibliothèque Nationale by FRANCES CAREY     196
Käthe Kollwitz by TIMOTHY O. BENSON     197
Tàpies by DAVID SCRASE     200
Illustration by GORDON FYFE     201


The Influence of Prints on Painting in Eastern Europe by WALDEMAR DELUGA     219
Daumier’s Orang-Outaniana by PAUL JOBLING     231
The Prints of Leon Kossoff by JAMES HYMAN     247
Giacomo Franco by CHIARA STEFANI     269
Notes     273
Dutch Landscape Prints by GREGORY RUBINSTEIN     286
Constable and his Prints by CRAIG HARTLEY     290
Cruikshank by MARC BAER     295
Fortuny by OSCAR E. VÁZQUEZ     297
Considering Colour Etching by BARBARA STERN SHAPIRO     299
Jacques Villon by ROLAND PRESSAT     302


The Master of the Rimini Ovid, A Miniaturist and Woodcut Designer in Renaissance Venice by LILIAN ARMSTRONG     327
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Notes     398
Daumier Drawings by PAUL JOBLING     415
Belgian Posters by MAURICE RICKARDS     417
Russian Avant-Garde by CATHERINE COOKE     421
The Noirs of Odilon Redon by TED GOTT     423
James Swann by PAMELA KINGSBURY     424
British Printmakers by ELIZABETH MILLER     428
Michael Rothenstein’s Prints by PAT GILMOUR     429