An Unpublished Proof of the Arch of Honour of Maximilian I by NANCY BIALLER and FREYDA SPIRA 3

Pietro Paolo Drei’s Flower Mosaics Revealed in Print by ERIN GIFFIN 17

Ludovico Mirri’s Vestigia and Publishing in Eighteenth-Century Rome by FRANCESCA GUGLIELMINI 29

The Marshall Family’s Print Publishing Business by DAVID STOKER 50


The Renaissance Arctic (Into the White: The Renaissance Arctic and the End of the Image) by JEAN MICHEL MASSING 64

Lotteries, Art Markets, and Visual Culture in the Low Countries, 15th-17th centuries by MEREDITH M. HALE 67

Going Beyond the Goose (The Cultural Legacy of the Royal Game of the Goose: 400 Years of Printed Board Games) by NAOMI LEBENS 70

The Lost Library of John V, King of Portugal by ANTONY GRIFFITHS 72

Anton Maria Zanetti II and Limited Editions in Venice c. 1734 by DOMENICO PINO 74

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France’s Enfer (L’Enfer de la Bibliothèque: Éros

au secret) by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER 76

Grotesques: Fantasy Portrayed by FEMKE SPEELBERG 79

Gabriel Belot (1882–1962) by MARTIN HOPKINSON 82

American Prints at the Getty (True Grit: American Prints from 1900 to 1950) by JUDITH BRODIE 83

Asger Jorn (1914–73) (Errations in Wood, Copper and Stone. Asger Jorn’s Prints) by JONAS STORSVE 86

KP Brehmer (1938–97) (KP Brehmer Art Propaganda) by DAVID BEECH 87

Nancy Spero: Acts of Rebellion by PAUL COLDWELL 89

Publications Received 91

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Etchings of the Renaissance (The Renaissance of Etching) by JAMIE GABBARELLI 93

Frans Floris (1519/20–70): Imagining a Northern Renaissance by SÉVERINE LEPAPE 99

Rubens’s Printmaking Enterprise (Die Kunst der Interpretation: Rubens und die Druckgraphik) by JACO RUTGERS 103

In Search of Anton Maria Zanetti the Elder (La vita come opera d’arte: Anton Maria Zanetti e le sue collezioni) by ANTOINETTE FRIEDENTHAL 108

Bits and Pieces: 400 Years of Collage by SUSAN TALLMAN 114