Jan Ziarnko’s Anamorphic Print A Pair of Lovers Embracing (anamorphosis), by ada palka 3
‘Enlightening the Ignorant’ The Early Years of the International Society by martin hopkinson 14
An Engraving by Giulio Bonasone after a Drawing by Giulio Romano by paul joannides 27
Prince Albert’s Reprint of Agostino Veneziano’s The Witch’s Procession, by christiane wiebel 32


Renaissance Architecture by charis williams 40
Sea Monsters by jean michel massing 41
City Views by john e. moore 43
Fencing Manuals by charis williams 45
The Palatine Wedding of 1613 by madeleine brook 46
Genealogical Books by berthold kress 48
Jordaens by ann diels 50
Cornelis Visscher and Constantijn Huygens’s Koren-Bloemen by john hawley 51
Constantijn Huygens by antony griffiths 53
The Financial Crash of 1720 by bruce wambheim 53
Reproducing Drawings: Caylus and the Recuil of Prints by charlotte lepetoukha 56
Fashion in Print by helen cobby 58
The Loudons and the Gardening Press by todd longstaffe-gowan 59
Japanese Woodblock Printed Books by christine guth 61
Marie-Cécile Goldsmid by jürgen döring 62
Charlotte Reihlen and the Broad and Narrow Way by jean michel massing 65
Daumier, Masareel and Millet in the Pagine d’Arte Series by tanya szrajber 66
Feininger by achim moeller 67
Jessie Traill by irena zdanowicz 69
Alberto Magnelli by martin hopkinson 71
Serge Brignoni by roberta cremoncini 72
The Boyers’ Anodized Aluminium Plates by caitlin collinson 73
Stamperia d’Arte Albicocco by martin hopkinson 75
The London Original Print Fair at Thirty by david landau 76
Richard Long by clive philpott 76

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Images of Islam by susan dackerman 78
Federico Barocci by rhoda eitel-porter 81
Illustrated Sacred Books in Italy, 1550–1700 by ilaria andreoli 83
The New Hollstein Rembrandt by martin royalton-kisch 88
London Maps and Maps Magnificent by ralph hyde 94
The Dissemination of Popular Prints by antony griffiths 98
Romanticism and Graphic Satire by amanda lahikainen 101
Richard Hamilton by paul coldwell 104
Ellsworth Kelly by roni feinstein 10



New Light on Jacopo Amigoni as Publisher and Printmaker by martina manfredi 131
Rare Paper Icons From Mount Athos by oksana yurchyshyn-smith 143
The Colvin Print Theft and the Rise and Fall of A. W. Thibaudeau by robert j. d. harding 162
Four Rediscovered Print Designs by Louis Chéron for Racine’s Plays by françois marandet 177
Hokusai and his Blockcutters by ellis tinios 186


Woodcuts in Incunabula by kathryn rudy   192
Leber Collection, Orléans by tom rassieur   194
Picturing Venus in the Renaissance Print by shinsuke watanabe   196
Marriage in Popular Prints by alison g. stewart   197
Miroir des Courtisanes by jean michel massing   199
The Art and History of Globes by elly dekker   202
Roman Antiquities and Early Modern Methods of Reproduction by eloisa dodero   203
Aubin-Louis Millin’s Antiquités Nationales by stephen bann   205
Caricature and the Navy by tim clayton   209
Chromolithography by graham dry   211
Chromolithography in Hamburg by graham dry   214
Artists of the Brücke on Holiday by jean michel massing   214
Jacques Villon’s Le Bal Du Moulin Rouge by r. stanley johnson   216
Posters by sarah williams   218
Swiss Artists’ Books by barbara bader   221
Markus Raetz by anita haldemann   222
Germany Divided: Baselitz and his Generation by florian simm   224
Graphicstudio, University of South Florida by paul coldwell   226
The Mario Avati Printmaking Award by sarah williams   227
Wallpaper at the Cooper-Hewitt by britany salsbury   228
Riva Castleman by starr figura   230

Catalogue and Book Reviews
On the Print’s Northern Origins, 1400–70 by rainer schoch 233
The Image in Eighteenth-Century London by david bindman 236
Eugène Delâtre and Alfredo Müller by martin hopkinson 238
Chuck Close by fanny singer 244



Processional Print Series in Antwerp during the Dutch Revolt by emily j. peters 259
New Facts about James Walker in Russia by ekaterina skvortcova 271
Wols Problems by jeremy lewison 294


Breydenbach’s Pilgrimage by michael bury 314
Printing Pictures during the English Reformation by margaret aston 315
Brilliant Discourse by michael bury 317
Boydell’s Shakespeare by celina fox 318
Samuel William Fores by ralph hyde 320
A History of Wallpaper by ralph hyde 321
British Sporting Prints by john ford   324
Robert Ladbrooke’s Views of the Churches in Norfolk by martin hopkinson 325
Camille Corot, South Meets North by maike hohn 327
American Lithographer Grafton Tyler Brown by lizzetta lefalle-collins 329
Prints for the ‘Simple Faith’ by ralph hyde   331
Prints at the Grosvenor Gallery and New Gallery by martin hopkinson 332
Toulouse-Lautrec by jennifer ramkalawon 335
Joan Amades’s Collection of Popular Prints in Catalonia by william cole 337
Basil Rákóczi by william cole 337
Canada’s Black Mountain College by martin hopkinson 339
Oleg Kudryashov by martin hopkinson 339
Mezzotints in Russia by martin hopkinson 341
James Turrell by alexander adams 344
Clifford Chance Art Collection by paul coldwell 345
British Posters by teal triggs 346

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Early Netherlandish Prints in Dresden (T. Pfeiffer-Helke, Mit den Gezeiten…) by jan piet filedt kok 348
Francesco Berlinghieri’s Geographia, by mark mcdonald 353
Dresden’s Early Italian Engravings by séverine lepape 355
Johann Christian Reinhart by petra kuhlmann-hodick 359


Philippe Thomassin and Giulio Mancini’s Art Collection by jamie gabbarelli 379
Views of Tangier by Robert Thacker and Thomas Phillips by simon turner 395
Brook Andrew and Rebecca Salter: Thinking Contemporary Art through Mokuhanga
by ruth pelzer-montada 412


Maps of Paradise by dominic bate 425
Paul Lautensack by susanna berger 426
Nadal’s Annotations and Meditations on the Gospels by michael bury 427
Ottavio Leoni by piera giovanna tordella 427
Upside-Down Printing: A Supplementary Note by ad stijnman 429
The Art of the Illustrated Book in Seventeenth-Century Venice by paolo delorenzi 431
Prints Related to Drawings. Salon du Dessin 2013 by louis marchesano 433
The Collection of the Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública by mark mcdonald 434
Piranesi and the Reception of his Work in Australia by mario bevilacqua 435
Diary of Alexander Anderson by constance c. mcphee 437
The Lunder Collection, Colby College by martin hopkinson 438
Dutch Art Nouveau by lieske tibbe 439
A Private Collection of Nabi Prints and Drawings by rachel sloan 442
Women in Paris 1880 to 1914, the Dean Collection by rachel sloan 442
El Lissitzky (1890–1941) by MARIA starkova-vindman 444
Carlo Alberto Petrucci by marzia faietti 445
Marc Chagall, Impressions by dorit schäfer 446
Not Vital by anita haldemann 447
Artist’s Books: Green Leaf Creations by stephen j. bury 448
Christiane Baumgartner by jeannette stoschek 450
Correction. Judith Rothchild 452
Obituary Ralph Hyde by celina fox 452

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Chiaroscuro in the Renaissance by naoko takahatake and nancy bialler 454
Seventeenth-Century Zaragoza by mark mcdonald 462
Artists and the Theatre in Baroque Venice by paolo delorenzi 466
A Monument to Adam von Bartsch by anette michels 469
Goya by jesusa vega 471
Japonisme by atsushi miura 473
New Research on the Poster by britany salsbury 476
Polish Woodcuts after 1900 by waldemar deluga 481
Eduardo Paolozzi by paul coldwell 485