Nicolas van Aelst’s Will and a List of his Plates by loredana lorizzo  3
Vues d’optique with Chinese Subjects by niklas leverenz  20
Bruce Conner: What’s in a Name? by jennifer noonan  45

Deformation in German Renaissance Art by christof metzger  62
Dürer Prints in Novara by giovanni maria fara  63
Reframing Albrecht Dürer by ute kuhlemann falck  64
The Pourtraits of Jean De Tournes by ilaria andreoli  64
Jacques Fornazeris by paulette choné  65
Rembrandt in San Francisco by robert fucci  67
Swiss Antiquities by mark evans  68
Chodowiecki’s Picture Theory of Enlightenment by robert felfe  70
Making the News in Eighteenth-Century France by richard taws  71
Images of Tivoli by ralph hyde  73
Heinrich Vogeler by simon reynolds  74
Max Weber by julie anne lambert  76
Emil Nolde by lucy watling  79
Lino Bianchi Barriviera by alessandro tosi  80
Geoffrey Clarke by peter black  81
Zarina by judith brodie  83
Simon Brett by anne desmet  84
Gerhard Altenbourg and Martin Disler by andreas schalhorn  86
The Paragon Press by martin hopkinson  88
Celebrity in Print by rhoda eitel-porter  88
Impact 8 Conference by ruth pelzer-montada  90

Catalogue and Book Reviews
New (and Some Missing) Perspectives on Dürer by armin kunz  92
Emperor Maximilian I and the Age of Dürer by charles talbot  97
Sixteenth-Century Anatomy and Medical Botany by susan dackerman  102
The Impressionist Line by anita haldemann  104
George Bellows by john fagg  107
Xu Bing by jan stuart  111


 Walther Ryff, Plagiarism and Imitation in Sixteenth-Century Germany by alexander marr  131
An Interpretation of Four Woodcut Landscapes by Hendrick Goltzius by marjorie b. cohn  144
Collecting Prints by Giulio Bonasone in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain by mercedes cerón  155

 Shorter Notice
Rare Drawings for Prints by Francesco Antonio Bufalini by angelamaria aceto  167

Orlando Furioso by michael bury  175
Remigius Hogenberg aka Highill by michael fleming  177
Engravers In Early Modern London by michael fleming  178
Sienese Theses by louise rice  178
Budapest Online by antony griffiths  180
Della Bella by mathew norman  180
Della Bella Cartouches by stephen a. bergquist  181
Curious Beasts by lucy gellman  182
Eighteenth-Century Print Ephemera by malcolm jones  183
Vitruvius Britannicus by joanne o’hara  185
Johann Wilhelm Baumgartner by antony griffiths  185
Piranesi’s Paestum by lola kantor-kazovsky  187
Adrian Zingg by daniel godfrey  189
Perfectly American: The Art-Union and its Artists by joy sperling  192
Baron Taylor’s Travels by elizabeth m. rudy  193
Forain by martin hopkinson  194
The Maison Goupil and the Triumph of Italian Painters by rosalba dinoia  195
Symbolism in the Rhône-Alpes by martin hopkinson  198
Ernest Haskell by martin hopkinson  199
Kirchner by meike hoffman  201
The Jan and Wietse Van Den Noort Collection by martin hopkinson  202
US Print Activism by jill e. bugajski  203
Hellmuth Weissenborn by sarah macdougall  203
Carlos Cruz-Diez by martin hopkinson  205
Dieter Roth by paul coldwell  207
Christo and Jeanne-Claude by paul coldwell  208
Frédérique Lucien by martin hopkinson  209
The Brandywine Workshop by martin hopkinson  211
Barthélémy Toguo by paul coldwell  212
Francesco Parisi by umberto giovannini  214
Password: Printmaking by paul coldwell  214

 Catalogue and Book Reviews
Nicola di Maestro Antonio by david landau  216
Hieronymus Cock’s Aux Quatre Vents by emily j. peters  219
Dutch Prints of Africa by jean michel massing  224
Printed Sources of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Polish Art by waldemar deluga  227
Etchings by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi by isabella lodi-fé chapman  234
Paul Gauguin by richard s. field  237
Munch on Paper by jay a. clarke  243


Dürer’s Adam and Eve and a Possible ‘Schweidlerization’ by lauren laz, olivier masson and michaela ritter  259
Luca Ciamberlano’s Passion Series for Scipione Borghese by kurt zeitler  269

The Ornament Prints of Ignaz Unterberger by sarah grant  280

Shorter Notices

Rombout van den Hoeye’s Equestrian Portrait of Charles II by simon turner  294
Henry Monnier’s Letters from London in 1825 by tanya szrajber  299

Lithographic and Biological Error in Edvard Munch’s Women in the Hospital by allison morehead  308


Jacques Stella at the Courtauld by elizabeth jacklin  316
Russia: The Mosolov Collection of Dutch Prints by galina mardilovich  316
Rembrandt and his Wife by antony griffiths  318
From Thesis Print to Almanac by konrad krČal  319
Watteau’s Music by georgia j. cowart  321

Upside-Down Printing by antony griffiths  324
Thomas Sidney Cooper by martin hopkinson  324
Genji’s World in Japanese Woodblock Prints by ellis tinios  326
The Ernst & Young Collection in Canada by ralph hyde  328
American Illustrator Harry Fenn by mary f. holahan  329
Printmaking in Paris by mary weaver chapin  330
Sydney Lee by gordon cooke  333
Henry De Groux by nancy davenport  334
Masterpieces of the Dresden Print Room by antony griffiths  336
Vojtĕch Preissig by pavel büchler  338
Ernest Roth and Venice by martin hopkinson  340
Alfred Hutty by martin hopkinson  341
The Armory Show at 100 by frances carey  343
Hammer Prints by gill saunders  344
Hans Hartung by martin hopkinson  345
Jim Dine’s Praise of Printmaking by paul coldwell  348

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Prints in Renaissance Lombardy by david landau  350
German Renaissance Prints by anne röver-kann  352
Prints in France from the Grand Siècle by henri zerner and aaron wile  355
Propaganda in Twentieth-Century Europe and Asia by david kunzle  357
Lygia Pape by olivier berggruen  360

David Hockney, Printmaker by paul coldwell  363


Willem van Nieulandt II as Printmaker by willem adriaan te slaa  379
Touch and Vision in Edgar Degas’s Darkfield Monotypes by kathryn brown  395
Celestial Themes, Censorship and World War I in Henry de Groux’s The Face of Victory by stephen h. goddard  406

Shorter Notices
A Drawing by Polifilo Zancarli for an Etching by Odoardo Fialetti by bryony bartlett-rawlings  417
Whistler and The Fall of the House of Usher by martin hopkinson  423

Arcadia by matthias wivel  425
Francesco Vanni by jennifer sliwka  426
Picture Motets by elisabeth giselbrecht  428
Boëtius and Schelte à Bolswert by christopher brown  430
The Origins of Caricature by john roger paas  432
Baldinucci’s Treaty on Prints by michael bury  434
Visiting Boboli in the Age of Enlightenment by eloisa dodero  435
G.E. Bentley Jr. and William Blake by antony griffiths  437
Thomas Bewick by nigel tattersfield  437
Degas’s Method by anna gruetzner robins  438
Camille Pissarro by kathryn brown  441
Yoshitoshi by ellis tinios   442
Koloman Moser by diane silverthorne   444
Bernard Leach by fiona hackney  446
Eric Ravilious by penny johnson  448
A History of Screenprinting by stephen hoskins  449
Post-World War II Print Workshops in Rome by martin hopkinson  451
Xerography by gustavo grandal montero  452
The International Print Biennale by paul coldwell  454

Catalogue and Book Reviews
The Sorrows of Young Albrecht by peter parshall  456
Michiel Coxcie by edward wouk  462
The Fours Seasons Tapestries at Hatfield House by malcolm jones  466
Sex and Humour in Japanese Art by miriam wattles  470
The Sensuality and Modernity of Fin-de-Siècle Print Culture by anna sigrídur arnar  473
Brian Rice by julia beaumont-jones  477