Number 1

An Unknown Portrait Series by Battista Franco by wendy thompson    3
A Print of the Great Fire of London by simon turner    18
The Prints of Jean-Michel Basquiat by olivier berggruen    28
The Prevedari Print by laura aldovini     38
An Early Review of Whistler’s ‘Thames Set’ by martin hopkinson    46

Prints for Enamel Art by jasper kettner
Northern Drawings in the Uffizi
Strasbourg and Bremen by jean michel massing
Portrait Prints by christian rümelin
Jacques Bellange by antony griffiths
French Seventeenth-Century Prints by antony griffiths
Illustrated Editions of Virgil by antony griffiths
Prints and Cultural Transfer by christian rümelin
The Tableaux de la Revolution Francaise by antony griffiths
The Illustrated Art Book by christian rümelin
Fleming’s Granger by andrew allen
Anton Radl by susanne bieri
Hanoré Daumier by camilla murgia
Ford Madox Brown by colin harrison
Venice at the Foundation Beyeler by martin hopkinson
Whistler at the Fitzwilliam by martin hopkinson
Whistler in Corsica by martin hopkinson
Heinrich Zille by antony griffiths
Albin Egger-Lienz by martin hopkinson
Antonio Carbonati by martin hopkinson
Pierre Aubert by christian rümelin
Contemporary Lithographs Ltd. and The Lyons Lithographs by martin hopkinson
Carlo Cardoazzo by martin hopkinson
Paolo Manaresi by martin hopkinson
Willem Grimm
The Allemand Collection by martin hopkinson
Advertising and Poster Art by gill saunders
Posters of ’68 by martin hopkinson
Editions le Pré Nian by martin hopkinson
Anne Desmet by timothy wilson
Jim Dine by christian rümelin
Giovanni Frangi by martin hopkinson
Christiane Baumgartner by christian rümelin
Malte Sartorius in Venice by martin hopkinson
Carroll Dunham by susan tallman
Book Trade History by simon turner

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Plantin by nancy fresella-lee    87
Utamaro and his Women by christine guth    90
Isaac Mendes Belisario by temi-tope c. odumosu  93
Jerry Bywaters by jane myers     98

Number 2

Woodcut Copies of the Modi by james granthan turner    115
Workshop Practices in Antwerp: The Galles by karen l. bowen    123
Andy Warhol’s Cagney Prints by jacqueline brody    142
A Rediscovered Print by Guido Cagnacci by nicholaas teeuwisse    153
An Etching by the Abbé de Saint-Non after Wille by christiane wiebel    156

Naming America by jean michel massing    162
Dürer and the Copyists by christian rümelin    162
Sebald Beham by anne röver-kann    163
Rome from a Renaissance Armchair by peter parshall    165
Emblems and Embroidery by anthony wells-cole    166
Maria Sibylla Merian by claudia-alexandra schwaighoffer    167
Humour in Prints by tim clayton    168
French Book Illustration by antony griffiths    168
Prints After Turner by anne lyles    168
Development of Lithography by christian rümelin    169
Eliza Pratt Greatorex    170
The Salmagundi Club by martin hopkinson    170
Felix Vallotton by christian rümelin    171
Book Collecting in France by chris michaelides    173
Charles Sheeler by reba white williams    174
London Underground Art by ralph hyde    174
The Minotaure by valerie holman    176
Australian Artists’ Books by sasha grishin    178
Reba and Dave Williams Collection by judith brodie    178
Antonio Calderara by martin hopkinson    179
AR Penck by christian rümelin    180
Bernhard Jäger by christian rümelin    181
Meier-Castel by christian rümelin    182
Tamarind and Lithography by antony griffiths    182
Technical Issues by christian rümelin    183
Printed Pictures by susan lambert    184
Prints in Dresden by christian rümelin    184

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Emperor Maximilian’s Print Projects by susan foister    185
Goya in France by antony griffiths    188
Australian Prints by sasha grishin    189
American Prints by judith brodie   192
Marden by fanny singer    195
Baselitz by christian rümelin    199

Number 3

Print Clues on the verso of a Raphael Drawing by achim gnann and hannah singer    215
Hans Holbein and Miles Coverdale: A New Woodcut by david paisey and giulia bartrum     227
Salviati as Book Illustrator: A New Attribution by stefano pierguidi    254
Whistler’s First Print Exhibiton by martin hopkinson     257
On Some Early Prints by William Kentridge by william cole    268


Sir Frances Drake by susan reed
Giulio Carpioni by nicholas turner
Charlet by martin hopkinson
German Romantic Prints of Italy by martin hopkinson
Thomas Bolton and Photographic Transfer by maroussia oakley
Mariano Fortuny by jesusa vega
The Gentle Art of Making Etchings by martin hopkinson
Fattori by martin hopkinson
The Great War by martin hopkinson
Pochoirs by martin hopkinson
Werkman by alston purvis
Art in Italian Advertising by roberta cremoncini
Printmakers in Exile by martin hopkinson
Pierre-Antoine Cluzeau by martin hopkinson
Maeght and Modern Art by valerie holman
De Chirico by martin hopkinson
Max Beckmann by christiane zeiller
Morandi by martin hopkinson
David Milne by martin hopkinson
Federico Catellón by martin hopkinson
Will Barnet by martin hopkinson
American Prints at the Graphische Sammlung by judith brodie
Edinburgh Printmakers by martin hopkinson
The Monza Collection by martin hopkinson
The Guildhall Prints by jeremy smith
Jan Van Der Waals by peter fuhring

Catalogue and Book Reviews
The History of Cartography by simon turner    303
The History of Monotype by jonas beyer    306
Chinese Prints in France by tanya szrajber    308
Politics and Prints in Revolutionary France by camilla murgia    310
The Etching Revival by emma chambers     314
Steinlen by phillip dennis cate    316

Number 4

The Missing Member in Marcantonio’s Apollo and his Lover, by guy tal    335
Mariette’s Collection of Etchings by Filippo di Liagno by peter black    346
Schiaminossi, Callot and Fencing by kyna hamill    354
Cunego’s Engravings after Gavin Hamilton by martin hopkinson    364


A Quiz for our Readers
Misericords by larry silver
‘A Visual Timeline’ for A Heavenly Craft by l. elizabeth upper
New Modi Evidence from Spain by james grantham turner
Sixteenth-Century Rome by michael bury
Chef to Pius V. by michael bury
A New State for the Tutelary Goddess by giulio girondi
Representing the Body by lauren laz
The Great Picture of Folly by jacoline zilverschoon
Jean-Etienne Liotard

Denon and Saint-Non by antony griffiths
Sicilian Etchers by martin hopkinson
Hiroshige by ellis tinios
Japan in Australia by olivia meehan
Degas, Whistler and Japonisme by martin hopkinson
Muirhead Bone by martin hopkinson
The New York Etching Club by martin hopkinson
Nine Whistler Cancelled Plates by martin hopkinson
Prints in Hull by martin hopkinson
Gordon Craig by tessa sidey
Cyril Power by antony griffiths
Giacometti, Leiris and Iliazd by martin hopkinson
Maccari and Il Selvaggio by martin hopkinson
France’s Gift to Karlsruhe by christian rümelin
Edward Bawden by peyton skipwith
Lucioni by martin hopkinson
Leonard Baskin
Maria Luigia Guaita and Il Bisonte by martin hopkinson
Aldo Crommelynck by christian rümelin
Lanfranco Bombelli by martin hopkinson
Ida Barbarigo by martin hopkinson
Aldo Andreolo by martin hopkinson
The Goddess Mazu by chün-fang yü
Hitoshi Nakazato by martin hopkinson
Redback Graphix by catherine flood
Marc Brusse by martin hopkinson
Gotthard Graubner by christian rümelin
Fabrice Gygi Birgit Skiöld by martin hopkinson
Irish and British Prints in Dublin by martin hopkinson
Bernardino Luino by lucia tantardini lloyd
Werner Wittig by christian rümelin
Mike Lyon by martin hopkinson
Richard Day’s Memoirs by antony griffiths
David Shrigley by martin hopkinson
Printmakers’ Secrets by emma chambers
The Munich Print Room by christian rümelin and antony griffiths

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Images of Erasmus by susanna berger    415
Dutch Political Prints by peter van der coelen    418
Romeyn de Hooghe by nadine orenstein     421
European War Prints by peter harrington    423
Curwen by lindsey shaw-miller    425
North Korea as Communist Chic by aidan foster-carter and kate hext    429