Prints for Fans by ALBERTO MILANO
The Prints of Valerio Spada by PHYLLIS DEARBORN MASSAR
The Reproduction of Prints by RUARI MCLEAN
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione by TIMOTHY STANDRING
Finest Prospects by ANNE LYLES
Views of Urban America by RALPH HYDE
American Maritime Prints by PIETER VAN DER MERWE
Ars Medica by PETER JONES
Jasper Johns by JAMES CUNO


Prints and the Reform of Painting in Siena by SUSAN E. WEGNER
J.D. Harding and the Voyages pittoresques by ANITA L. SPADAFORE
Letter Punches: A Little-Known Feature of Early Engraved Maps by TONY CAMPBELL
States and Versions of a Chiaroscuro Woodcut by JAN JOHNSON
The Procession of Gluttony by JOHN ROWLANDS
Three Etchings by Giulio Cesare Procaccini by UGO RUGGERI
La Turquie by Camille Rogier by TANYA SZRAJBER
Aldegrever and the Decorative Arts by ANNA SOMERS COCKS
Brouwer Invenit by JOCHEN BECKER
Piranesi’s Early Architectural Fantasies by KATHARINA MAYER HAUNTON
Printmaking in the Service of Botany by ANTHONY DYSON
Ornamental Prints by PETER FUHRING
Night Prints by JEREMY SMIT
British Bird Etchings by DAVID ALEXANDER
How to Identify Prints by SUE WELSH REED


Prints and the Development of istortato Painting on Italian Renaissance Maiolica by PATRICIA COLLINS
Italian Comedians in Renaissance Prints by M.A. KATRITZKY
Notes on Early Aquatint in England and France by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
An Experiment to Follow the Spirit Aquatint Methods of Paul Sandby by CHRISTINE MACKAY
Heinrich Vogtherr, alias Heinricus Satrapitanus, alias the ‘Master H.S. with the Cross’ by FRANK MULLER
Some Additions to Giorgio Ghisi by PAOLO BELLINI
The Prints of Gerhardt Janssen by MARCEL ROETHLISBERGER
The Master E.S. by FRITZ KORENY
Northern ‘Drawing Books’ by CHARLES FORD


The Case of the Missing Woodcuts by MORRIS MARTIN
The American Audubons: Julius Bien’s Lithographed Edition by ANN LEE MORGAN
The Later History of the Screenprint by REBA AND DAVE WILLIAMS
Battista del Moro in Perspective by TERENCE MULLALY
Rembrandt Etchings at the Norwich Castle Museum by RICHARD GODFREY
States of Della Bella’s Jeu de la Mythologie by PHYLLIS DEARBORN MASSAR
The Print Market in Seventeenth-Century Paris by JENNIFER MONTAGU
English Artist’s Paper by MARJORIE B. COHN
German Romantic Prints by ALEX POTTS
John Martin by DAVID BINDMAN
Master Printers by CRAIG HARTLEY
Catalogue of the London Original Print Fair