The Dispersal of Lafreri’s Inheritance, 1581-89 by valeria pagani    3
Claude Simpol’s Divertissemens for Jean Mariette by jamie mulherron    23
On Originality by pat gilmour    36


Shorter Notices
Two New Woodcuts  by  Jörg Breu the Younger by guido messling    50
The Engraved Source for a Sicilian Altarpiece by roberto cobianchi    54



Schongauer Prints in Colmar by jean michel massing  57

England’s First View of America by jean michel massing   57

Jerome Nadal by michael bury  58

Netherlandish Prints in Douai by antony griffiths  59

Piranesi by alexander adams   59

Eighteenth-Century France by antony griffiths  60

Hinterglasmalerei by ann massing  60

Between Worlds by Jean michel massing  61

Italy and Pre-Raphaelistism by martin hopkinson   64

Jules Dupré by martin hopkinson   66

Print Exhibitions in London by martin hopkinson  67

Arthur Wesley Dow by martin hopkinson  67

Steinlen by christina lodder  67

The Eragny Press by colin harrison   68

Futurists in Russi by christina lodder  69

Woodcuts from Imola by martin hopkinson  70

Bruno Munari by martin hopkinson  71

Karel Maes by martin hopkinson  71

Fernando Farulli by martin hopkinson  73

Michelangelo Pistoletto by martin hopkinson  74

Barry Martin by martin hopkinson  74

Brice Marden by jeremy lewison  76

Francesco Parisi by martin hopkinson   77

The Bagnacavallo Collection by martin hopkinson  77

The Canadian Center For Architecture by martin hopkinson  78

The Grolier Club by antony griffiths  78

Three Sides to a Sheet of Paper by antony griffiths   78

The British Museum Database Online by antony griffiths  78

Raymond E. Lewis 1923–2005 by alan n. stone  80


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Baldung by linda hults    81
A View of Cairo by mark p. mcdonald    82
Baroque Architectural Prints in Austria by kristoffer neville    88
Töpffer by ralph hyde    89
The Cliché-verre by jasper kettner    92
Redon by anita haldemann    93
Burne-Jones by jane munro    95
North American Prints by martin  hopkinson    97





Lautensack’s Troubles with Censorship by susanne meurer    119
Burdett, Wedgwood and Bentley by martin hopkinson    132
Moshe Hoffman by mordechai beck    147
A New Otto Print by suzanne karr schmidt    162
A Portfolio of Satires from Horace Walpole’s Collection by cynthia roman    166
Recent Auerbach Etchings by michael podro    172


Dürer’s Mother by anne röver-kann  178

The History of the Speculum by peter parshall  179

A Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae in Norfolk by hilary hunt  180

Hieronimus Wierix and Civitates Orbis Terrarum by pawel ignaczak  180

European Prints and Polish Art by romana rupiewicz  182

Rembrandt’s ‘Mistakes’ by frank robinson  182

Spainand the United States by martin hopkinson  183

Print Resources Online by felicity myrone  184

British Picture Framemakers by jacob simon  184

Italian Landscapes in the Age of Goethe by andreas stolzenburg  184

Giovanni Fattori by donato esposito  186

Stauffer-Bern by anna schultz  186

Fantin-Latour by martin Hopkinson  188

Zorn by martin hopkinson  189

Charles Maurin by martin hopkinson  190

British Illustrators 1890–1930 by martin hopkinson  191

Maurice Denis by martin hopkinson  192

Feininger-The Loebermann Collection by aya soika  193

Soviet Posters by catherine flood  195

Paul-Emile Colin by martin hopkinson  197

Edward Bawden by martin hopkinson  198

César Domela by martin hopkinson  198

Gianni Bertini by martin hopkinson  199

Pierre Szekely by martin hopkinson  199

Andre Jacquemin by martin hopkinson  200

Giuseppe Zigaina by martin hopkinson  200

Gianfranco Ferroni by martin hopkinson  201

Early Computer Graphics by paul coldwell  202

David Osbaldeston by martin hopkinson   203
Caroline Gallois by martin hopkinson  203

Desmazières by martin hopkinson  204

Roland Grünberg by martin hopkinson  204

Cartoon and Popular Art by martin hopkinson  204

Alfred Pellan by martin hopkinson  205

Howard Hodgkin by martin hopkinson  205

American Prints in Zurich by martin hopkinson  205

The Blanton Museum Collection by dave h. williams  205


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Jacopo de’Barbari by jay a. levenson    207
Dürer by anna scherbaum    209
Prints and Drawings in Eighteenth-century France by michael matile    213
Raeburn and his Printmakers by mungo campbell    215
Goethe as Print Collector by daniel f. herrmann    217
Japanese Warrior Prints by ellis tinios    219
Nineteenth-century Reproductive Prints by donato esposito    222
Picasso by elizabeth cowling    224





The Printing Privilege in Tuscany: Falcini, the Florimis and Callot by eckhard leuschner    243
A Spurious Charlotte Exposed by timothy clayton    254
Richard Hamilton’s Annunciation by fanny singer    267
An Unrecorded Woodcut of Queen Elizabeth I by june schlueter    278
France’s ‘Académie Royale de Peinture, Sculpture et Gravure’ by william mcallister johnson    283



The Ten Commandments by christian rümelin  287

Mars and Venus in the Modi? by james grantham turner  288

Images of Witchcraft by linda c. hults  292

Jincheng Shuxiang by jean michel massing   293

Van Dyck by elenor ling  294

Gabriel de Saint-Aubin  295

Chinaon Paper by jean michel massing  297

Reynolds and Rubens by christopher lennox-boyd  299

Giandomenico Tiepolo by antonygriffiths  299

Joseph Wright in Liverpool by tim clayton  300

Giovanni Volpato by antony griffiths  301

Tompson, Browne and Vertue by antonygriffiths   302

Thomas Bewick by nigel tattersfield  302

Nature Prints  304

Adam Bartsch by antonygriffiths  304

Bibliography of American Prints by reba white williams  304

Women Impressionists by martin hopkinson  305

Popular Prints in Russia by alind p. blakesley  305

Edna Boies Hopkins by reba white williams   306

Felix Vallotton in the Villa Flora by christian rümelin   308

Livres d’artistes from the collection of Corrado Mingardi by martin hopkinson  309

Twentieth-century Avant-garde by valerie holman  310

Xilografia by martin hopkinson  311

Dorothy Woollard by martin hopkinson  311

John Sloan by reba white williams  311

Los Artistas del Pueblo by noah arthur bardach  312

Modernist British Art by gordon cooke  314

Duilio Cambelotti by martin hopkinson  315

Italian Prints  316

Devorah Boxer’s Passion for Printmaking by pat gilmour  316

Michelangelo Pistoletto by martin hopkinson  317

A Reflection on Masterpieces by christian rümelin  318

Driskell by reba white williams  318

Paco Knöller by christian rümelin  319

William Kentridge by christian rümelin   319

Londonin Maps by sheila o’connell   320

Correction by joseph winkelman  320


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Printmaking in Sixteenth-century Lyons by catherine jenkins    321
Tortorel and Perrissin by margaret m. mcgowan    327
Nations of the Known World by jean michel massing    329
Aquatint by antony griffiths    331
Scottish Enlightenment by iain gordon brown    333
Prints in Colonial Australia by ralph hyde    335
Wilhelmina Barns-Graham by lynne green    338
Political Posters by david kunzle    341





The Dispersal of Lafreri’s Inheritance, 1581-89 – II: Pietro de Nobili by valeria pagani     363
Claudine Bouzonnet, Jacques Stella and the Pastorales by jamie mulherron     393
Sir Robert Strange by martin hopkinson    408
The Oriental Portraits of Aegidius Sadeler by waldemar deluga    424


Answer to a Readers’ Quiz from 1993 by donato esposito  427

Italian Emblems by simon mckeown  428

David Teniers by christopher brown  430

Italian Prints in Georgia USA by suzanne boorsch  430

Louis Napoleon in Holland by camilla murgia  431

Knecht by martin hopkinson  432

Signorini’s Zibaldone  by martin hopkinson  433

Mary Cassatt by martin hopkinson  434

Domenico Baccarini by martin hopkinson  435

Carlo Guarnieri by martin hopkinson  436

Soviet Propaganda Posters by chris michaelides   436

Marcel Jean and Jean-Pierre Pincemin by martin hopkinson  438

Santomaso by martin hopkinson  439

South-West Scotland Collections by martin hopkinson  440

Certain Trees by martin hopkinson  441

Hugh Stoneman by martin hopkinson  442

Jan Jedlicka by michael tucker  443

The Society of Antiquaries by simon turner  444

Original Prints in Edinburgh by jo ganter  444

Corrections  446


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Parmigianino by david ekserdjian    446
Ornament at Waddesdon Manor by timothy  clifford    450
The Utagawa School by julie nelson davis    453
Leopoldo Méndez by kelly donahue-wallace    456
Mesquita by clifford s. ackley    458
War Posters by rainer schoch    461
June Wayne by tessa sidey    464
Jasper Johns: Gray by richard s. field    466

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